When Nitin Mukesh's luck shone because of Lata Mangeshkar!

Nitin Mukesh's Birthday Special: On Nitin Mukesh's birthday, we tell you that Mukesh Nitin had a perfect bond with the Nightingale of India, the late Lata Mangeshkar.

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Nitin Mukesh Birthday: Nitin Mukesh Mathur is an Indian playback singer. Apart from singing in films, Nitin Mukesh also sings bhajans. Nitin Mukesh worked with famous music directors like Khayyam, RD Burman, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Bappi Lahiri, and Anand-Milind in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, on 27 June 2024, Nitin Mukesh is celebrating his 74th birthday. On the occasion of the singer's birthday, we tell you how the late Swar Kokila Lata Mangeshkar brightened the fortunes of Mukesh Nitin.

Nitin Mukesh sings in tribute to his Bollywood star father

Nitin Mukesh had said this about his relationship with Lata Mangeshkar

Nitin Mukesh remembers Lata Mangeshkar on one month death anniversary |  People News | Zee News

Let us tell you that Nitin Mukesh used to call Lata Mangeshkar as Didi. The special thing was that Lata was also called Didi by her late father and singer Mukesh. In an interview, Nitin Mukesh talked about his relationship with Lata Mangeshkar. He said that Lata Di was very sad after Mukesh's death. He said that during this time Didi was with him all day. Lata Di was left alone after Mukesh's death. She had signed two international shows with Mukesh. Mukesh died in August 1976 and Lata had planned to do two shows with him in November and December of the same year, but after his death, Lata Di decided to cancel the first show. But due to work pressure, Nitin took Mukesh with him.

When Nitin Mukesh sang his first song with Lata Mangeshkar

Nitin Mukesh Birthday: Lata Mangeshkar gave Nitin Mukesh the first opportunity to sing in front of the world - happy birthday nitin mukesh lata mangeshkar bonding know about this rk - News18 Hindi

Not only this, Nitin Mukesh also said, "During the show, Lata Didi said, 'Mukesh Bhaiya passed away before this concert. I have brought Mukesh Bhaiya's son Nitin Mukesh with me. Lata Didi made me stand in front of the audience and I sang with her, after which I started going with her to every concert. 

Nitin Mukesh did shows with Lata Mangeshkar

Birthday Special Bollywood Singer Nitin Mukesh career songs lata mangeshkar unknown facts | Nitin Mukesh Birthday: Nitin Mukesh sang songs to fulfill his father's commitment, told through tunes-

Nitin Mukesh did many shows with Lata Mangeshkar. Talking about this, Nitin Mukesh said, "I cannot even make a list of all the countries where Lata didi performed. I was fortunate that she took me with her to America, Canada, West Indies, Russia, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Dubai - the entire UAE - Muscat, Bahrain, UK, Holland, Belgium, and France. In India, I did countless shows with Lata didi".

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