Taapsee Pannu's SRK Film: Missing Enthusiasm?

When ‘Dunki’ started, Taapsee Pannu was very excited. She was going to appear on screen for the first time as a heroine with superstar Shahrukh Khan.

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Taapsee Pannu's SRK Film

Taapsee Pannu's SRK Film

When ‘Dunki’ started, Taapsee Pannu was very excited. She was going to appear on screen for the first time as a heroine with superstar Shahrukh Khan. The beginning of the film was also encouraging for SRK production. Shahrukh had not given any big film for a long time, his film 'Pathan' was in a state of controversy due to the song filmed by Deepika Padukone. Shahrukh had no idea then that the film 'Pathan' would do such good business. He was also excited that he was going to work with moody director Raj Kumar Hirani, who was making an unconventional movie for the first time. The shooting of the film started quietly. Even so, director Raj Kumar Hirani never opens his cards completely. For example, even at this time, the release date of the film is eight days from 21st December 2023 and the wrap of the film has not been opened till the fifth trailer (Drop 5). The trailer on social media has not filled the fans with as much enthusiasm as was expected. Similarly, the song 'Woh Mahi' from the film shows Shahrukh's romantic style. The love between hero and heroine attracts people, but the film's heroine Taapsee Pannu is not found talking with that enthusiasm. As if this film is completely Shahrukh's film and that's it!

Taapsee Pannu her outspoken and women-centric roles

Taapsee Pannu is known for her outspoken and women-centric roles. The silence of the actress, who has given films like 'Pink', 'Thappad', 'Badla', 'Rashmi Rocket', and 'Haseen Dilruba', makes it seem that despite doing a big film, her stature has been suppressed in ‘Dunki’.

“Legendary Hrishi-da’s Anand (1971) has been my ‘master-class’ on blending happy-sad-comic emotions with that common-man-connect,” superhit director Raj Kumar Hirani had said by Chaitanya Padukone
Got scolded by Raj Kumar Hirani and Shahrukh Khan

Actually, in the initial phase (July-August 2022) Taapsee was very excited while shooting this film. The initial schedule of the film was shot on London's West Minister Bridge. Where there is always a crowd. There are many Indian fans of Shahrukh who come here. Rajkumar Hirani does not allow any scene of his film to be leaked, unaware that Taapsee got photographed in the film's costume during the shoot at the bridge and nearby locations. Then people came to know that the shooting of ‘Dunki’ was going on. Some viewers had uploaded that look of Taapsee on social media. There was a lot of discussion at that time... "Taapsee's look in ‘Dunki’ has been stolen." It is said that Hirani and Shahrukh were very upset by this. After clarifying that Taapsee had not posed for any press photographer, someone from the crowd watching the shooting had taken the photo and posted it on social media. After the scolding that Taapsee received from Hirani and Shahrukh that day, Taapsee Pannu has never spoken openly about ‘Dunki’ and has been giving statements cautiously.

Netizens shower love on Dunki Drop 5 O Mahi
The film will be a hit

‘Dunki’ is a film by Rajkumar Hirani who is a different kind of maker. In his films ('Munna Bhai MBBS', '3 Idiots', 'PK', 'Sanju'), importance is given to the character of the film and not to the star. He has made a film with Shahrukh Khan but this film will not be of the 'Pathan' or 'Jawan' trend (even if the success is like theirs) those who know Raj Kumar Hirani know. Taapsee also knows this, that's why she is calm and avoids being loud.


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