Avantika Vandanapu Honored as 'South Asian Person of the Year'

Indian-origin Hollywood actress and the star of the film 'Mean Girls' Avantika Vandanapu was awarded the title of 'South Asian' and 'Person of the Year' by the Eleventh South Asian Association at Harvard University.

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Avantika Vandanapu Honored as 'South Asian Person of the Year'
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Harvard University highlighted Indian-origin actress Avantika Vandanpu, of the recent famed film Mean Girls, by presenting her with the South Asian Person of the Year award given by Harvard University, for her exemplary accomplishments and brilliant outreach within both the global and the local entertainment industries. The exceptional star to have been given the Avantika Vandanpu award, the actress arrived at the ceremony that was especially devoted to her achievement and support to the arts and society. Her great starring role in the newly released version of "Mean Girls" and her incredible acting in the Indian OTT series "Big Girls Don't Cry" show that she is now widely recognized as a potential future star in the entertainment industry.

Vandanapu has this quality which makes her communicate with the critical and general audience, clearly tells about her versatility and commitment to her career.

Vandanapu Reflects on Harvard Honor

Vandanapu on getting this exceptional award said "Indeed, the reward from such an impeccable institute like Harvard University is soul-stirring and inspiring. The Honor is not only acknowledgment of my work but it is also proof that nice stories overcome language barriers and that Indian representation matters globally. The patronage and affection that I have increasingly been receiving from the Indians and the international audiences alike is a phenomenon that I remain grateful forever for. It compels me to dig up stories that shatter stereotypical representations, champion diversity and ultimately speak to people in a manner that is personal for all. What has started a journey has just begun, but this dedication to me breeds a thirst for making as much positive impact through my art in the future. I am intrigued by what awaits me and continually grapple to find motivations for me to continue the journey of others who have paved the way for Indian stories to be heard and celebrated.

The "South Asian Person of the Year" award by Harvard University is proof to Avantika Vandanapu's influence as a cultural ambassador and a leader in the arts. Her achievements not only highlight her exceptional talent but also her role in greater understanding and appreciation of South Asian culture and narratives in the global arena.

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