Bollywood Actresses Embrace Motherhood, Stirring Cultural Shift

Entertainment: Finally, Deepika Padukone has shown a glimpse of her baby bump. She is a sixth-month pregnant woman. Last day Deepika planted her bump in front of photographers twice.

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The grip of becoming a mother is getting stronger among Bollywood actresses
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Finally, Deepika Padukone has shown a glimpse of her baby bump. She is a sixth-month pregnant woman. Last day Deepika planted her bump in front of photographers twice. First, she showed in Ardha Darshana's pose that her belly was bulging out when her face was not visible, then she was seen showing her bump during the talks of her upcoming film "Kalki 2898". It is worth mentioning that for a long time, the lens of the camera of Bollywood photographers was eager to cover the bump of this slim, tall, dusky star. About a month ago on 20th May when Deepika Padukone came out after voting and was showing the ink on her finger, the camera was turned on her belly instead of her face...and then nothing was clear. The news spread that the news of Deepika being pregnant is not true. Now the Udipi actress has turned that news of 'no' into 'yes' by showing her bump.

Deepika Padukone flaunts her baby bump in a Black Dress Ahead of Kalki 2898  AD Pre-Release Event - SAREE SLAYERS - Medium

It is not just about Deepika. KRK (Kamal Rashid Khan) may be quiet these days, but if we listen to the rowdy news reporters on social media, they are not behind in podcasting the information about Sonakshi Sinha and her future husband Zaheer Iqbal being an expectant couple before marriage. They say that perhaps that is why Sonakshi did not feel the need to take marriage counseling from her parents, but instead informed them to attend the wedding.

Although we or Mayapuri do not support such news, this is news, what is the news?

From Kiara Advani to Katrina Kaif, check them out in sexy black dresses

The team of photographers is now also in a hurry to capture the baby bump of Katrina Kaif and Kiara Advani on camera. If we listen to a senior photographer, the grip (thought) of becoming a mother is getting stronger among today's heroines. Now is not the time when heroines did not marry for fear of losing their physical charm. Many heroines in Bollywood are proof of this. Even if they got married, they did not give birth to a child. There were so many miscarriages that they never got a chance to see the baby bump. In this context, it is worth mentioning here that many actresses in Bollywood have got their egg-freezing done on the lines of Hollywood so that in the future, after growing old, when they wish to become mothers, they can become mothers. Recently, actress Esha Gupta revealed that she has got her 'egg' frozen in 2017 to have a child in the future.

However, today's woman sees life in a very simple, accessible, and practical way. The reality of becoming a mother is no longer linked to glamour. Married and mother-to-be actresses on screen or in web series are appearing in more glamorous avatars and charge more remuneration. In TV serials, Ekta Kapoor has started a new trend by making 20-25-year-old young women mothers.

Alia, Ranbir surprised me when they revealed Raha's face publicly: Mahesh  Bhatt | Bollywood - Hindustan Times
That is, the old notions have been completely broken. Alia Bhatt is a mother, there is no dearth of demand for her. A long list is being made of actresses who have become mothers. From Aishwarya Rai to Yami Gautam, all have become mothers off-screen and their glamorous looks on-screen remain the same. Certainly, the time has come when we think that an actress is also a lover, a companion, a mother, and then an actress. She also has emotions.
The audience has also started understanding and accepting. If the audience did not accept, then seeing Deepika Padukone (who will become a mother in September 2024) coming to the conference wearing high-heeled slippers, people would not have written on social media that 'she should be careful in this condition.' Indeed, the grip of motherhood is getting stronger in Bollywood! 


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