Breaking Barriers: Sushmita Sen's Inspiring Journey

Sushmita Sen, who is synonymous with beauty and grace, has definitely carved her own path in a world, that always wants to be happy. Recently, the Bollywood beauty opened up about her unconventional journey to motherhood,

By Sulena Majumdar Arora
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Breaking Barriers Sushmita Sen's Inspiring Journey
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Sushmita Sen, who is synonymous with beauty and grace, has definitely carved her own path in a world, that always wants to be happy. Recently, the Bollywood beauty opened up about her unconventional journey to motherhood, her views on relationships, and the unwavering support that made it possible.

Defying Convention: Sushmita's Unconventional Journey

Defying Convention: Sushmita's Unconventional Journey

Her story openly challenges the world of orthodoxy. While most of the beauties of Bollywood, keep searching for the prince charming of their dreams, Sushmita's focus has always been on living life on her own terms. Relationships, according to her, are a beautiful accompaniment to life as a whole, but not a compelling necessity. “Spending my life with someone is not something I take lightly,” she says, highlighting the importance of a conscious choice, on one's own terms rather than the social pressure.

Her perspective on love stems from seeing many relationships around her fall apart under the severe weight of expectations.
Sushmita wants a partner who is not based on the compulsion of any obligation, but truly on mutual desire. "It's worth the wait, it's not something I take lightly," she insists.

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This unwavering determination, tells a lot about her strength and her self-confidence.
However, years ago, amidst this search for the right partner,  a different desire had blossomed within Sushmita. Her interest in motherhood began during her Miss Universe era when visits to orphanages ignited a spark in her young and tender mind. She says, " Just think of it, What a wonderful thing, on one hand, there is someone who wants to be a mother, and on the other hand there is a child who needs a mother. Don't These emotional feelings fit each other perfectly? But why do people find it not so easy? guess not ?" She kept thinking and this realization planted a seed of determination in her mind that grew into a powerful desire to adopt.
However, this decision faced opposition from her mother. At that time, 24-year-old young girl Sushmita had to also face tremendous opposition from all other sides. Nevertheless, her determination was unwavering. And then, it was her father who emerged as a pillar of support.
Recognizing the depth of his daughter's heartfelt cry, he not only understood but also actively involved himself to facilitate and ease the adoption process. Because as per law, legally no single person can adopt a child.

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Sushmita says, “My father also transferred his entire property to the child because, under the legal process of adoption, at least one of the guardians is required to transfer his or her property to the child. Sushmita's voice was full of pride. In a country with strict adoption laws, her father's selfless act – leaving his entire estate to his granddaughter is unthinkable, and it ensured a secure future for the children. What Sushmita's dear Baba (her father) did, was proof of his unwavering love and faith in his daughter's decision.
Sushmita's narrative directly confronts the world of 'orthodoxy' head on. If Bollywood is the only thing that gives you a platform to make your dreams come true, then most of the beauties of Bollywood keep only dreaming about it, but Sushmita Sen has worked towards the dreams come true.
This story of Sushmita is not only about bucking social norms, it is a living example of the power of unwavering determination and uncompromising support. It is a tale where the brave mother, defying prejudices and clichés, becomes a symbol of the simple beauty and tenderness of motherhood.

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Sushmita Sen is an unmarried mom, she is also a loving daughter and a dedicated social worker. She is an example that teaches us to believe in ourselves and to be courageous to walk our own way.

Yet, the story of Sushmita as a mother is not just about giving birth. She is a role model for all of those who follow her footsteps thus bringing about change in the way people think of what it means to be a woman in India today. Her depiction of transgender activist Shrigauri Sawant in the series "Taali" shows that she is passionate about using her stardom for social good. Through her new ventures like the third season of "Arya", Sushmita intends to surpass the limitations that the ladies are subjected to and to enchant the viewers with her sheer talent and the story that she will narrate.

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