Dedication to PM Modi: Melody by Lata Mangeshkar's Niece & Authors

Melody queen Lata Mangeshkar’s niece, Writers Rachana Shah and author Rhythm Wagholikar Dedicate a Beautiful Song to Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ahead of Elections

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Dedication to PM Modi Melody by Lata Mangeshkar's Niece & Authors
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Eminent writers Rachana Shah and Rhythm Wagholikar, renowned for their contributions to the realms of art and film, have recently penned a stirring song dedicated to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Titled ‘Our Hearts Forever With You’, this song captures the essence of Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, vision, and dedication, resonating with his journey from humble beginnings to leading a nation with fortitude.

Rachana Shah and Rhythm Wagholikar: Literary Talents

Rachana Shah and Rhythm Wagholikar Pour in Wishes for Lata Mangeshkar

Rachana Shah melody queen Lata Mangeshkar’s niece, and author & social Rhythm Wagholikar have garnered acclaim through their literary works, motivational talk shows, and insightful reviews. Their artistic prowess and deep understanding of societal dynamics are reflected in their creations, which often evoke emotions and inspire audiences.

Taking to their social media platform, Rachana Shah and Rhythm Wagholikar shared their heartfelt sentiments about Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a lyrical format. They described his persona, dedication, and unwavering focus as perennial sources of inspiration, highlighting their admiration through their post that read

Rachana Shah and Rhythm Wagholikar

‘Sharing our spontaneous sentiments on our beloved Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji in a lyrical format… His persona, dedication and focus has always been inspiring…

A humble gift from our side… 
Hope you all like it

‘In a land where dreams ignite and hopes take flight, 

Resides a leader with vision, shining so bright. 

From humble beginnings, he rose with might, 

Guiding a nation through day and night.

With courage and wisdom, you show citizens the way,

Oh Modi, oh Modi, their hopes never sway.

A people’s beacon, in whom they see light,

Oh Modi, oh Modi, guiding day and night.

Ram Mandir’s glory, a historic stride,

Chandrayaan’s journey fills the nation with pride.

Jan Dhan Yojana’s reach, bridging financial divide,

Skill India’s promise, dreams now fortified.

Swachh Bharat’s call, cleanliness proclaimed, Ayushman Bharat’s care, truly lives reclaimed. 

GST’s reform, economic structure framed, Aatmanirbhar Bharat, self-reliance proclaimed.

Surgical strikes’ valour protecting our land, COVID-19’s challenge, united we stand. 

Vaccines-drive success, a global hand, 

Infrastructure leaps, connecting every strand.

In songs of progress, his legacy stands, 

A leader of the masses, across diverse lands. 

Oh Modi, oh Modi, with reverence grand, 

With respect and solidarity, truly we stand.’ 

The song celebrates milestones achieved under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, ranging from infrastructure development to social welfare schemes, economic reforms, and international diplomacy.’

Rachana Shah and Rhythm Wagholikar’s song

Rachana Shah and Rhythm Wagholikar’s song ‘our hearts forever with you’ , not only celebrates Prime Minister Modi’s achievements but also reflects the aspirations and hopes of millions who see him as a beacon of progress and national unity. Its lyrical depth, coupled with the duo’s admiration for Modi’s vision, resonates as a tribute to his transformative leadership as India gears up for elections, reaffirming his enduring impact on the nation’s collective psyche.

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