'Devdas' Ready for OTT Release: Chahat Khanna as Chandramukhi

Entertainment: Chahatt Khanna is all set to be seen in the upcoming much talked about series 'Devdas', she has shared an exclusive glimpse from the sets.

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'Devdas' Ready for OTT Release Chahat Khanna as Chandramukhi
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Chahatt Khanna is one such artist of the Indian entertainment industry whose work speaks volumes of her talent and potential. As an acting artiste, she has always focused on quality before quantity and no wonder, fans have always loved her for her work. Some of her best works that she has been a part of so far include Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, Yatri, Prassthanam, Qubool Hai and many more. While Chahat has always entertained her audience by giving her best, many of them were eagerly waiting for updates on her next project. Well, finally, that project is here.

Chahat Khanna Stars as Chandramukhi in Upcoming Period Drama 'Devdas'

A few days ago, pictures of the actress from her sets went viral, where she was dressed up in her character's attire. She was seen with her co-actors Vishal Kotian and Krishan Barretto Karamchandani which definitely made their fans more curious about the new activities going on between them. Our sources and inside reports have revealed that the project is titled Devdas and it is a period drama. It is ready for theatrical as well as OTT release and Chahat is playing the role of Chandramukhi in this project. The buzz is that Chahat and other actors have already completed their schedule in Rajasthan a few days ago and now, they are hoping to complete the film as soon as possible.

So well, with the silent leaping steps of  Chahat, the future outline of her career is becoming clear. After Vyjayanthimala, Madhuri Dixit, now Chahat will play Chandramukhi, so she will have to live up to the expectations of the fans. Now only time can tell whether today's Chandramukhi will cast a spell on today's Devdas like a seductress or a true lover. Wish her all the best for this film and all her future endeavors. Professionally, there is a lot happening from her side, the official announcement of which will happen as per the ideal timeline.

This is a landmark moment for Chahatt Khanna to portray the character of Chandramukhi in the upcoming ‘Devdas’ series which will prove her versatility and her capacity to take up characters with a strong emotional graph. So as she steps into this legendary role, fans wait with bated breath to see what she will do to she character. This review shows that Chahatt is a hardworking actress who wants to do meaningful performances and bring positive change in the Indian entertainment Industry. As the interest in ‘Devdas’ continues to build, the prospect of Chahatt’s interpretation of Chandramukhi offers the prospect of mesmerizing viewers along with the potential of establishing her as a versatile and successful performer. As the excitement for the next project builds, it is as if Chahatt has a promising path to fame and success ahead of her, and audiences and producers are eager to be drawn into the world she will build on the big screen.


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