Florian Hurel Couture: Insights from French Makeup Expert

French hair and make-up expert Florian Hurel says that there have been many additions to his premium salon Florian Hurel Couture. He says that the personalized aspect of the salon is the best.

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Florian Hurel Couture

“The spa at Florian Hurel Couture now spans 2500 square feet, featuring five rooms, including a steam room and an ice bath. Downstairs, there are four pedicure stations, with basins made of stone designed by my wife, Rii. Additionally, we've added four stations for nail extensions and a couple's room with a bathtub and shower. The overall ambiance has been designed to be very earthy, a concept brought to life by my wife's chic and elegant vision that complements the first floor,” he says.

Florian Hurel Couture Salon & Spa

Florian Hurel Couture Salon & Spa: Where Personalization is Key

He adds, “The unique selling proposition (USP) of the salon is its couture approach. In the context of Florian Hurel Couture, ‘couture’ means designing according to an individual's personality. This extends to hair couture, where haircuts are personalized, avoiding the repetition of looks. With the addition of the spa, we now have a well-balanced mix. The distribution is approximately 60-40 for both the salon and spa, catering to both men and women.”

Florian Hurel Couture Salon & Spa

Talking about the future, he says, “Looking ahead, the vision is to expand with multiple branches, focusing on salons and spas. However, the emphasis is on maintaining control and not franchising to ensure a consistent level of trust and quality. The decision to open Florian Hurel Couture in Walkeshwar, Malabar Hills, was a strategic marketing choice. It positioned the brand in a prime location in town. Future considerations include expansion into Bandra and then New Bombay.”

Meanwhile, Florian also manages FloFitBox, his gym. Talking about the same, he says, “The gym is managed efficiently with a dedicated team of 80 people. Different managers oversee both gyms and despite initial plans for Flofit Box, the decision was made to transform it into a luxury fitness space after studying the market.”

He adds, “The business mindset is rooted in a challenging journey, involving significant effort, commitment, and personal investment. Despite the external perception of success, it's acknowledged that the journey has been a roller coaster. The team has played a crucial role, with individuals such as Rii handling design, Zarir managing, and a supportive industry contributing to the overall success.”


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