Ayodhya's New Ram Temple Welcomes Devotees

Devotees Rejoice as Ram Temple Opens for Public Darshan: Experience the Spiritual Splendor of Lord Ram Behind the Majestic Golden Door on 23rd January!

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Ayodhya's New Ram Temple Welcomes Devotees

Let us tell you that after the consecration of the Ram temple on 22nd January, the temple has been opened for public darshan from today i.e. 23rd January. It is due to the faith and belief of the people of the country that Lord Ram is present in the Ram temple. There are red curtains behind the big huge golden-looking attractive door and Lord Ram is sitting behind it.

New Ram Temple Welcomes Devotees

Divine Serenity: Morning Aarti at Lord Ram's Enchanting Temple

The door of the temple was opened with the sound of the conch shell, Pandit ji was performing the aarti of the Lord. Lord Ram sitting in his child form was looking charming. People chanted the name of Ram and had the darshan of Lord Shri Ram with the first aarti of the morning. The room where the idol of God is kept looks as if it is made of silver and the place where the idol of God is seated looks like gold on which the figures of Ramlala are made. The temple is not only attractive from the outside but the view inside the temple is also captivating the devotees.

New Ram Temple Welcomes Devotees

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