How would you like your Prime Minister to be?

Lok Sabha elections 2024 are going on. The government will be formed on 4th June and the face of the Prime Minister of this largest democratic country will be in front of us.

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How would you like your Prime Minister to be
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Lok Sabha elections 2024 are going on. The government will be formed on 4th June and the face of the Prime Minister of this largest democratic country will be in front of us. You have voted wisely and are voting you would like to have a clean government and an influential face to lead it. So come, let's meet some people from the film industry and know how their Prime Minister should be.

Pahlaj Nihalani (producer and former censor chief)

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This country needs a Prime Minister who promises complete security. We need a Prime Minister whose patriotism is strong, who can tell and show that our country is capable of leading the world. We need a Prime Minister who can give us complete security.

Manish Wadhwa (Actor)

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How should our Prime Minister be? The one who takes our nation and your nation forward. The Prime Minister should think of providing facilities to the last person standing in the line. He should listen to the problems of women, who are adamant about giving those rights and security, and who goes along with guaranteeing security to the Dalit and the exploited. That in itself is a guarantee of security.


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Brother, is there a need to take names? Everyone knows that earlier I was in the maze of politics, then after seeing the loyalty of a man to the nation, my political thinking changed and today I am with his party. I am associated with the party of the person who brought glory to the country and would like to see the head of the same party occupying the key position of the country as the Prime Minister. Cheers to Modi ji!

Pushpa Verma (Poet-Actress)


Only if any Prime Minister has the passion to move forward with impartial thinking will the democracy of this country survive. Our ears have become numb after hearing false promises and election slogans. The country can never develop by talking about discrimination between Hindu-Muslim, Ram, and Allah. I oppose any party that thinks of breaking the spirit of unity and brotherhood in this country. If the Prime Minister belongs to only one particular class, then how can there be overall development? This is my message to the voters of the newly elected government –

"jhoothe vaade karane vaale

sabj baag dikhane vaale

kursi milate hin aise

vaade se mukarne vaale...

unko vote kabhi na do

unko vote kabhi na do."

Anup Jalota (bhajan singer)


I sing devotional hymns and songs of peace. There is only one person in my eyes who can ensure that there is peace and prosperity in the country and who can run it together, who has the determination in his soul not to let the poor go hungry. It is not necessary to take the name of which Prime Minister I am talking about.

Dr. Jagdish Vaghela (Producer-Director): I am from Prime Minister Modi Ji's state and have visited his village many times. When he was in Gujarat politics, I used to be a strong part of his election campaign. What I mean is that when we already have gold, why should we talk about searching for brass? Modi ji is our Prime Minister and will remain the same. They also have the right to live. If there is anyone in the world who can compete with Narendra Bhai Modi, who is proud of India, then tell me. Is anybody there?

Srideepa Dey (actor and film actress)

My favorite Prime Minister? The question is technical. My favorite leader...if you say so, I will take the name of Mamata Banerjee only. Mamta Didi has all the qualities to become a good Prime Minister. However, the problem is that the national supremacy of Didi's party Trinamool Congress is yet to be established. A Prime Minister should have the qualities of being fearless, sympathetic to the poor, and steadfast in the interest of the nation, which I think Didi has. Even when we buy vegetables, we check them thoroughly, then how the Prime Minister should be is a matter of consideration.

-Sharad Rai



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