Naila Grewal Relives 'Chot Dil Pe Lagi,' Shares Bond with Shahid Kapoor

Naila Grrewal relives a dream with a recreation of the love anthem Chot Dil Pe Lagi of Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao for the upcoming film Ishq Vishk Rebound

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Naila Grewal Relives 'Chot Dil Pe Lagi,' Shares Bond with Shahid Kapoor
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Upcoming talent, Naila Grrewal describes the magic of singing one of the songs that have been part of her life to be in a film as she gets ready to star in the second installment of the early 2000 romantic drama “Ishq Vishk” titled “Ishq Vishk Rebound” which will be a fresh take on Gen Z relationships with a new outlook.

New 'Ishk Vishk' by Nipun Dharmadhikari: Modern Take on 'Chot Dil Pe Lagi'

Directed by debutant director Nipun Dharmadhikari the movie is produced by Ramesh Taurani who was also the producer of the first part ”Ishk Vishk”. The movie features Naila as the female lead along with Rohit Saraf, Jibraan Khan, and Pashmina Roshan. The film has recreated yet another track, ‘Chot Dil Pe Lagi’ with a modern touch but the beauty of the song that made it a love anthem early twenty years back has not been lost.

Naila showed enthusiasm and referred to the past with regard to being involved in this production with emphasis on the shooting of this song. About the emotions she is feeling, Naila said, “It was like a dream to be on the sets, enacting and performing a song that was a significant part of my youth. The beauty of ‘Chot Dil Pe Lagi’ is still the same and it is such a privilege to be able to give life to this beautiful song yet again but this time with a twist of this generation’s flare.

Thinking deeper, Naila continued, “It was magic getting to be a part of a song that I used to sing along to as a kid. ” As far as ‘Ishq Vishk’ is concerned, I was still a young girl when I saw the original, and the music and the plot instantly won me over. It is therefore a great feeling to now be part of its history. I have felt the beauty of nostalgia mixed with newness and I do think that audiences will get the same feeling when watching the show.

The feelings, the passion, the core of the story is all intact but it’s a new-age spin and I believe today’s generation would enjoy it.

As for the recreated song, Naila is shown enjoying a romantic connection with co-actor Rohit Saraf, which retains the same appeal of youthful love that characterized the original movie. Among the things that Naila Grrewal has in common with Shahid Kapoor, her child icon, are her lead debut film and Shiamak Davar, she enjoys incredible admiration towards the actor.

The young talent, Naila Grrewal, will be seen making her debut in the upcoming movie titled “Ishq Vishk Rebound” which will be considered a major stepping stone in the career of the actress. Naila's decision to join the project was driven by a pivotal factor: Shahid Kapoor has been her favorite actor since childhood mainly because of her love for Bollywood movies.

Naila Grrewal, who claims to have seen all Shahid Kapoor films, has always been inspired by him and looks up to him. “From the time he stepped onto the screen in ‘Ishq Vishk’ and emerged as heartthrob overnight to his critically acclaimed performances in ‘Jab We Met,’ ‘Kaminey,’ and ‘Haider,’ Shahid has always shown his diverse and intense acting abilities and his journey proves his hard work and dedication of an artist. Every character he portrays appears to be challenging him further and yet he accepts it.” Naila Grrewal said.

In addition to this, there is excellent chemistry between Naila and Shahid and to top it up both actors are trained dancers from Shiamak Davar’s Institute for the Performing Arts. Their experience with one another also made Naila excited to join the project to further strengthen the foundation. '‘As a person trained under Shiamak Davar’s institute, like Shahid, it was kind of a comfort zone for me,’' Naila pointed out, adding that this was one of the reasons that set her at ease with this film.

‘Ishq Vishk Rebound’ is expected to be a colorful and energetic film that needed in the romantic comedy genre with the right mix of romance and feelings as well as energetic dance numbers. Now having Naila Grrewal on the team, the movie has the potential to entice worldwide viewers with something new.

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