Nikhil Nanda: Big Screen Impact Unmatched by Social Media

Producer-actor Nikhil Nanda says that while social media is big today, it can never become bigger than showbiz. He adds that reels hardly have any authentic angle to them.

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Nikhil Nanda Big Screen Impact Unmatched by Social Media

“There is no business like show business, and there's no screen like the big screen. So social media will have its impact, but it will never be able to match up with what the big screen has to offer,” he says.

He adds, “The world in the reels is as fictionalized as the movies that we watch, and probably more because of all the filters that are available to everybody there. In the movie business, they say, still, the camera catches even the minor flaws of your face, your body, your acting. But in the age of filters and social media, you can hide a lot of that stuff.”

Nikhil Nanda

'Reels' Impact: Good or Bad Depends on Viewer's Mindset

Reels are influencing people in good ways and bad ways, he says, adding, “Similar to cinema, reels also impact everybody's basis, whatever they have to take away from it. So, in this case, people generally tend to take away the good or bad according to their mindset and their thought process. So, I don't think that reels are bad movies are bad or TV is bad. It's the mindset of the person who's watching it and what he takes away from it.”

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He says, “The world is an evolving place and change is the only thing that is a constant here. YouTube is a new medium for youngsters to make a living, earn, and probably be better placed than the conventional role of a doctor or engineer. So be it. I have nothing against or for it, but I'm sure we as a country have huge potential where we have enough people still going in for the traditional career of being a doctor or engineer.”


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