PVR INOX Launches 'Fresh Dekho. Bada Dekho' Campaign with Kartik Aaryan

The film celebrates cinema as a communal experience, the thrill of witnessing a story unfold on the big screen with a live audience, an in-the-moment event

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PVR INOX Launches 'Fresh Dekho. Bada Dekho' Campaign with Kartik Aaryan
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India’s largest and the most premium cinema exhibitor, proudly announces the launch of its latest brand campaign, “Fresh Dekho. Bada Dekho.” starring Kartik Aaryan. This campaign underscores the unparalleled joy and vibrant freshness that comes with experiencing movies in a cinema hall, an experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere or after its past its prime.

Following the success of the previous campaign, this new initiative continues to celebrate the essence of Cinema, this time focusing on the immediacy and freshness of watching a movie on the big screen. “Fresh Dekho. Bada Dekho” captures the thrill and excitement that come with viewing a new release in a theatre, surrounded by fellow movie enthusiasts.

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The campaign brings Kartik Aaryan’s charismatic and relatable presence to the forefront. In the campaign video, Kartik eloquently narrates the magic of cinema in his signature style, emphasizing the unique energy and collective experience that only a cinema hall can offer.

Kartik Aaryan highlights the unique and exhilarating experience of watching movies in a cinema hall. He compares the thrill of fresh, in-the-moment viewing to the excitement of a champion’s perfect moment. He emphasizes the collective energy and emotional rollercoaster shared with the audience, contrasting it with the lackluster experience of watching eight weeks old movies at home or alone on a small screen. Kartik urges viewers to leave their couches, gather their friends, and enjoy the vibrant, immersive experience that only a cinema can offer. The campaign tagline is “Fresh Dekho. Bada Dekho.” which translates to “Watch it fresh. Watch it big.”

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Commenting on the campaign, Gautam Dutta, CEO – Revenue & Operations, PVR INOX Ltd, said, “We are delighted to unveil our new campaign, ‘Fresh Dekho. Bada Dekho,’ which reflects our commitment to bringing the freshest and most exhilarating cinematic experiences to our audience. The film celebrates cinema as a communal experience, the thrill of witnessing a story unfold on the big screen with a live audience. It argues that this shared experience, like the electric atmosphere of a cricket match, transcends the act of simply watching a movie – it becomes a vibrant, in-the-moment event, unlike the passive consumption of something past its prime. Kartik Aaryan beautifully captures this essence in the campaign, emphasizing how every twist, laugh, and tear is best experienced in the dark cinema environment. We invite everyone to enjoy the unparalleled joy of watching movies on the big screen."

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Kartik Aaryan added, “On joining hands with PVR INOX for the campaign, Bollywood heartthrob Kartik Aaryan said, “The magic of cinema is truly experienced when shared with live audience. The collective gasps, laughter, and emotions create a unique atmosphere that simply cannot be replicated on a smaller screen. Just like watching a live match, a film’s power is best felt in the moment, on the big screen. So all I would say to our audiences out there is, don’t wait for the magic to disappear! Watch it fresh, experience it the way it's meant to be, on the big screen.”

The film will run in cinemas, on digital platforms as well as on TV. Kartik Aaryan’s association with the campaign will further amplify its reach and impact. Join PVR INOX on this thrilling cinematic journey and experience the freshness and excitement of the big screen with “Fresh Dekho. Bada Dekho.”

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