Seerat Kapoor on Chemistry with 'Run Raja Run' Co-Star Sharwanand

Entertainment: Seerat Kapoor On his Chemistry with "Run Raja Run" and "Manamey" Co-Actor Sharwanand Says "We shared an instant connection as actors"

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Seerat Kapoor on Chemistry with 'Run Raja Run' Co-Star Sharwanand
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Seerat Kapoor recently opened up about her remarkable chemistry with co-actor Sharwanand who worked with her in films Such as Run Raja Run and recently was seen in Manamey. Reflecting on their experiences working together, Kapoor expressed that from their very first film, they shared an instant connection as actors, which quickly became the talk of Tinsel Town.

Seerat Kapoor on Seamless Chemistry with Co-Star: 'No Hiccup or Awkwardness'


“There was never any hiccup or awkwardness,” Kapoor shared. In fact, they would both be feeding off each other's spontaneous reactions and energy, which is what was further captured in high insight on the big screen. This time around was also no different.

Kapoor continued to praise Sharwanand's acting skills and professional integrity. She says “I think as an actor, he is incredible and it takes a lot of grit, consistency, and courage to build and sustainable a career in the industry. She also shared; “I have always been inspired by his choices and the fact that he never loses his authenticity”


Their collaboration has been characterized by mutual admiration and respect, which has translated into a seamless working relationship on set. Their dynamic partnership has not only garnered attention but also set a benchmark for on-screen chemistry in the industry. Fans and critics alike eagerly anticipate their future projects, confident that their synergy will continue to shine through.

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