Shama Sikandar's Bold Photoshoots Spark Netizens' Call for Heeramandi

Shama Sikander has truly been one diva in the Indian entertainment scenario for whom earning the love and attention of the audience has been a sheer natural process.

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Shama Sikandar's Bold Photoshoots Spark Netizens' Call for 'Heeramandi'
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Shama Sikander has truly been one diva in the Indian entertainment scenario for whom earning the love and attention of the audience has been a sheer natural process. Apart from being respected as a successful artist, Producer, and mental health advocate, Shama is also someone who has throughout her entire life managed to establish a personal connection with her audience. Be it her career in entertainment as an actor and Producer or because of her ravishing persona and swag quotient as a supermodel, Shama Sikander has truly battled all odds against her and has proven the fact big time that an 'ambitious' woman is actually an 'unstoppable' woman. 

Shama Sikander's Stunning Photoshoot

Her social media handle is nothing less than a work of art and no wonder, the aesthetic visual pleasure that her audience derives from is simply unparalleled. She's got the hots and charm to give any modern-day youngster a serious run for her money and well, the snaps speak for themselves.

One thing that's always been consistent in Shama's case is that her photoshoots are always well-planned and executed with the right amount of research and effort that are needed. Everything, right from the props used to the outfit, the pose, the camera angles, and the theme has to be on point and that's when Shama is at her absolute best. In one of her recent photos as well, she's making everyone drool big time. The thematic representation of the photo suggests a calm and soothing feeling and that's why, the treatment and use of white is well justified. Shama is seen in her element with her eyes closed in a relaxed zone and we absolutely love the whites. The subtle use of red at the background alongside thin branches makes the photo all the way more vibrant as it perfectly brings forward the essence of 'purity' and 'delicacy' in her soul and personality. Not just that, we love the use of white flower bouquets as we all know that it establishes the idea of purity, innocence, and sympathy, all in one and in the best way possible. Given the fact that Shama herself is known as a pure and empathetic soul, she's truly the quintessential muse for this thematic shot that communicates the essence of these wonderful attributes. The picture itself tells a story and the message behind the shoot blended with Shama's natural, captivating aura makes it a deadly combination and a true force to reckon with. The overall shot is artistic in the true sense of the term and the research and preparation behind getting the act right deserves an appreciation as well. In case you haven't seen the picture before, here you go. Check it out and get ready for a delightful experience for your eyes -

Regarding the incredible photoshoot, Shama Sikander was quoted saying, "This photoshoot was done for my birthday. The idea behind this was a birthday suit. I feel like every time, I feel that I have a rebirth and I get wiser. I personally don't like to use the word 'older'. I prefer calling myself 'wiser' and more confident and integrated with myself. That was the thought behind this shoot specifically. The process was very simple. I have this beautiful decor done at home for my birthday and I just wanted to make myself feel like a queen. At the same time, I also wanted the feeling of a child just being born. So, this was all about child-like innocence blended with the power of becoming more of me. So yeah, that's exactly the idea that was there behind this photoshoot and I am glad it turned out to be well."

Apart from her birthday photoshoot, Shama Sikander is someone who often brings her own 'OG' elements into her acting game for her social media handle as well. She pays attention to minute details and that's why, whenever she wants to emote something on-screen, she gets everything spot on, right from her look to her expressions and poise. Well, a few days back, before her birthday, we saw her do something similar when she posted a beautiful video of herself decked up in a classy and elegant lehenga and well, we simply can't keep our eyes off her. The deep-neck shimmery blouse and the fine mirror-work on it make her ethnicity and royalty all the way more appealing to the viewers. To add to that, minimalistic makeup was all that was needed to get her look on point as she's a natural beauty. She flaunted her ethnic avatar like the ultimate regal queen and well, the background song of the Heeramandi movie served apt for the video. In fact, such was her charm and on-screen presence in that alluring and hypnotic ethnic avatar that netizens immediately started feeling that she would have been the perfect diva in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's recently released Heeramandi'. A lot of netizens feel that her suave and charismatic appeal surpassed even some of the actresses who were a part of the project originally and no wonder, people feel she could have been a perfect cast for Heeramandi, simply because of the calmness and soothing appeal that she brings to the table with her ethnic fashion. Wondering why we feel so? Here you go. Take a look -

Well, here's hoping that the man who actually matters aka Sanjay Leela Bhansali is taking note of this and perhaps considers casting Shama for something similar the next time. It would truly be a delight to watch her on-screen in such a beautiful avatar. On the work front, Shama Sikander is currently occupied working on certain projects, the official announcements of which will happen soon as per the ideal timelines. 

Shama Sikander is one of those rare performing artists in the Indian entertainment industry who is the perfect blend of talent, good looks and an impeccable sense of fashion. The ease and finesse with which she gets into the skin of any character is truly remarkable and that's what makes her a star performer. She's been slaying the entertainment space for many years. Be it her suave sense of vogue or the detailing that she brings to the table whenever she essays any character, everything stands out big time.

Well, Shama Sikander truly knows what she's best at and that's what makes her such an alluring and confident personality from whom there's so much to learn. The shot is truly a 10/10 and we certainly look forward to more such thematic shots with Shama as the muse. On the work front, Shama Sikander also has interesting work projects going forward, the official announcements of which will happen soon as per the ideal timelines.

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