Bollywood's Love for Animals: Stars Advocating Adopt, Don't Shop

Even though Bollywood stars are always busy with jet-setting commitments and long shooting schedules, many of them have immense love for animals and birds.

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Bollywood's Love for Animals
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Even though Bollywood stars are always busy with jet-setting commitments and long shooting schedules, many of them have immense love for animals and birds. They have a soft corner for these creatures. From adorable doggies, kitties to majestic horses, these A-listers owns and cares for them which is proof that there can be room for animal love even in the busiest of lives.

But the best part here is that, these celebrities are not just pet owners, they are also pet supporters, promoting adoption of pets from shelter homes instead of shopping for them. They understand that these silent , loyal animals deserve to live in a loving home, and adoption is a great way to do that.

Now Let's take a closer look at the stars who love animals and advocate to promote the joy and benefits of adopting orphan pets.

Stars Advocating Pet Adoption: A Closer Look

Amitabh Bachchan

  • Amitabh Bachchan: The Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan had a pet dog named Shanouk, he was of the majestic Piranha Dane breed which is globally one of the tallest dog breeds. Amitabh is known for his deep affection towards Shanouk.

Shanouk, is a wonderful name isn't it? That means "light warm breeze in the cool morning", Amitabh's son Abhishek had lovingly gifted this dog to his dad. Their bond was so special that Shanok even appeared on the cover of a global magazine with his famous owner Amitabh. Despite Shanouk's demise in 2013, the memories and memorable moments remain in the hearts of the Bachchan family. Amitabh has a lot of love and care towards animals.

Salman Khan

  • Salman Khan; Another Bollywood icon, the world-famous super star Salman Khan has a very deep bond with his canine companions. He often shares pictures with his four-legged companion friends. Some time back, Salman had shared touching pictures with his beloved pet dog Veer, recalling the memories he shared before Veer passed away, two months ago. Even before Veer, he had two huge Bull Mastiffs named Myson and Myjaan, both of whom, have left a deep emotional mark on his heart. In 2009, Myjaan also died a few months after Myson's death. Salman Khan's first production 'Chillar Party' was actually a heartfelt tribute to his beloved companions, reflecting his deep love for them. Salman is working towards providing shelter to orphan street animals and birds.

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  • Alia Bhatt: Alia Bhatt  loves her pet doggie Pikka, which is an adorable nod to the world of Pokemon with a name inspired by none other than Pikachu. Alia, shares her life with her pet cat named Edward who was a long-term orphan. Demonstrating her commitment towards stray animal welfare and compassion. Her sister Shaheen also had recently gifted her with another cat. Her pets bring joy and companionship to her life and she treasures each and every moment she spends with them. After marriage with Ranbir, she has now adopted her husband's pet dogs as her own.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas: Priyanka, along with her husband Nick, lives in a beautiful home with three lovable furballs, each of whom holds a special place in her heart. These three pets, Diana, a Chihuahua mix, symbolize the spirit of companionship for Priyanka, who provided unwavering support to Priyanka during her time in New York City.
    Along with Diana, Priyanka adores Gino, a loyal German Shepherd, and Panda, an adorable mix of Husky and Australian Shepherd. Priyanka always supports the silent and homeless street animals with all her heart and money.

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  • John Abraham: John Abraham has opened up his heart and home to an adopted puppy named Bailey. John's passion for animal welfare extends beyond his personal life, as he actively and truly supports various campaigns, promoting animal protection and awareness, including the "Be Nice" Mercy for Animals initiative. Through his advocacy and personal actions for animals, John, exemplifies the importance of compassion and empathy towards these beloved four-legged friends of ours, inspiring others to stand up against animal cruelty.

Richa Chadha

  • Richa Chadha: Richa Chadha recently lost her beloved cat, Madeira. On this, Richa expressed her feelings in a very touching way and told a heart-wrenching story about the deep bond between pets and their owners. Through a very heartfelt tribute to her lost companion and dedication to her remaining feline companions, Richa highlights the joys and challenges of pet parenting. Her advocacy for the adoption of stray animals, along with her proactive efforts to provide the best care for her pets, she highlights and Underlines the importance of giving shelter to animals with supportive care and a home. .

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  • Pavail Gulati: The rising star of Indian cinema Pavail Gulati is not only a talented actor but also a devoted parent to his pet dogs and cats. He proudly declares himself a parent to his adopted stray dog and two cat companions. Apart from adopting pets, he uses his platform to spread awareness about animal welfare and encourages people to open their hearts and homes to animals in need. Through his social media posts and heartfelt messages, Powell creates a wave of compassion and empathy towards these silent creatures.

Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin: Always Known for her unconventional roles and fearless acting, Kalki Koechlin has extended her fearlessness to her personal life too, by rescuing a cat from living a street life. and then adopting her. She fondly calls her Dosa. Thus From living the life of a stray animal to becoming a beloved member of Kalki's family, Dosa's journey shows the transformative power of love and great compassion. Thus, Kalki's decision to adopt animals sends a powerful message about the importance of giving abandoned animals a second chance at happiness and belonging.

Vamika Gabbi

Vamika Gabbi: Actress Vamika Gabbi's passion for animals and birds knows no bounds, as she finds herself unable to resist the urge to help distressed and needy animals. . Her heartwarming story of going from one dog to having four dogs during the lockdown speaks volumes about her dedication to animal welfare. Vamika's journey from having a dog at home to advocating for the welfare of all animals, reflects that deep love and impact. She says that adopting abandoned animals can have a positive impact not only on the lives of the animals but also on the humans who welcome them into their homes.

Gulshan Devaiah

Gulshan Devaiah: Gulshan Devaiah, who is known for his versatile acting skills, is also the parent of many cats. His unwavering support for the idea of adopting shelter animals, rather than buying them from pet sales establishments, shows his commitment to animal welfare. Gulshan's willingness to care for this ' beloved animal, whom he thinks as his companion, during their illness reflects the depth of his bond with them and his belief in providing loving homes to animals in need.

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Raveena Tandon: Actress Raveena Tandon's passion for rescuing and adopting stray animals shines through, as she opens her heart and home to a variety of animal companions. From her Mumbai residence to her rural farmhouse, Raveena provides sanctuary to a flock of accident-rescued dogs and cats, each with their own unique story. Her commitment to prioritizing the adoption of shelter animals, rather than purchasing any well-known animal breeds, reflects her belief in the inherent value of each animal's life. Through her own example, Raveena encourages others to do the same and embrace the joy of pet adoption.

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