Anjali and Mahir Reflect on 'Vanshaj's One-Year Journey

Sony Sab's serial 'Vanshaj' has completed one year. The show is getting a lot of love from the audience. This show of Swastik Production came on TV with a new concept and in a new style and the audience liked its newness.

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Anjali and Mahir Reflect on 'Vanshaj's One-Year Journey
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Sony Sab's serial 'Vanshaj' has completed one year. The show is getting a lot of love from the audience. This show of Swastik Production came on TV with a new concept and in a new style and the audience liked its newness. In celebration of the completion of one year of the show, let's know what Anjali Tatrari and Mahir Pandhi, who play the characters of Yuvika and DJ in the show, said about the show.

Swastik Production's Unique TV Show Celebrates One-Year Milestone

The show has completed one year, your character is still loved by the audience. What would you like to say about this journey? 
Mahir- This journey has been very beautiful and unique, because we are in Umargam, very far from Mumbai. It is a very different and good experience to live here. The kind of show we are doing, such shows are not seen on TV where a sister and brother are fighting with each other and the whole story of the show is about them. This is not a typical kitchen drama, Saas-bahu, or a typical love story. I think this is a show that most people can relate to because such things happen in people's lives these days. This is a very beautiful journey where we get a chance to explore a character that has so many layers. DJ is an alter-ego character, a character that you want to be in real. When someone does something to you and you think in your mind that I will do this to him, DJ does that. I like this character very much and people also like this character very much.

I got to portray so many shades from romance to anger and revenge in just  one year,” says Anjali Tatrari reflecting on her 1-year journey in Sony  SAB's 'Vanshaj'
Anjali- This journey has been very beautiful. The fact that I am doing a different kind of show gives me satisfaction in itself. I am happy that I am not doing a typical Saas-bahu drama-type show where I am playing the role of a daughter-in-law who is wearing heavy jewelry. I think as an actor we should try something new. I am getting the opportunity to play three different characters in this show, and as Chinki, I am getting the opportunity to play a slightly negative character as well. I have never played a negative character before and there is a lot of scope in playing a negative character because it has many shades. It is also a matter of happiness that all three characters are getting a lot of love. My reason for doing this show was that its topic is very different, in this, we are challenging social patriarchal thinking. And this thing which we challenged that why a descendant gets handles by a man, this thing has reached the right audience. I get messages from many girls and women on Instagram and people travel from Mumbai, Nashik, and many other places to meet us on our set. When they come and tell me that they have been inspired by my character, I feel very good. In most of the serials, the heroine's character is shown to be like Jhansi ki Rani who can do everything but my character in this show, Yuvika, is very raw and believes that this is life and there are defeats here. There is no such person in whose life everything is going well, you fall and then get up and walk again. If this thing has reached the audience, then there can be no bigger and better thing for this show and this character because this is what we wanted to convey to the audience. I am very happy that I got a chance to play such a great character in such a great show.

You are playing different characters in this show, how has been your experience as an actor?
Anjali- I go home and read the next day's script, and this tells me that I am not in my comfort zone. If you have this thing in your mind that you know what you have to do on the set the next day, then you will never be able to grow because you will always be in your comfort zone. I think if you keep doing the same things as an actor every day, then you will not know what your limitations are or how deep you are in the water. And an actor needs to know how deep you are in the water and how deep you are above the water. The best thing about this show was that whenever a new character came, I felt like I was doing a new show because I had to start from zero for every character. And this thing also motivated me a lot to try something new with every character. I consider myself very lucky that I have got a chance to do a show in which I can play different types of characters and try new things with them. I am very happy to do this show.

Mahir Pandhi, Anjali Tatrari, Puneet Issar Reflect On Their Journeys As ' Vanshaj' Completes A Year
Mahir- Even before the promo of this show came out, many people had said that this show would not work because such things do not work on TV. When we started this show, two people Siddharth Tiwari Sir and Mr. Neeraj Vyas had openly said that by making this show they are gambling with their careers but they have full faith in this show and its concept. Sab TV is not just about comedy, and only saas-bahu or typical drama does not work on TV, you can do something different on TV too. This thought which they started and where we stand today speaks a lot in itself. A character in TV is either positive or negative but the negative character in the show also has a grey shade which is not seen on TV. DJ has many layers where some are good and some are very bad and when you are playing such a character then you are not playing one character but you are playing different characters according to the situation. It was the vision of these two that people would like this kind of concept and this kind of character. I am very thankful to Neeraj Sir and Siddharth Sir who gave me this opportunity. I don't know whether we have broken the general trend of TV or not but if you can relate to our character then these two people are behind it and this is their hard work.

What would you like to say to your fans and audience?
Anjali- It is all because of them, they have given a lot of love to this show and our character. The audience has accepted a new concept in TV. I think when we have such a big platform, we should do some good and right things to change people's thinking. Our show gives the right message to the audience along with all the drama, romance, action, and comedy. Lots of love to the fans for their selfless love which they have given to our show and our character. I remember some time back some fifteen to twenty children had come to the set to make our sketches. Their teacher told me that while on the one hand, children want to go to their grandmother's house in summer vacations, these children wanted to join a painting class so that they could make our sketches.
Mahir- All the children had traveled to our set to make sketches, and it was very cute. The love we get from the audience is priceless and it is very beautiful. 
Anjali- We live for this love.

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