Artificial Intelligence based film 'IRaH' will be released on April 4

Rohit Bose Roy, who made his mark with Doordarshan's serial 'Swabhiman', has shown his acting magic in many great films along with TV serials, which include 'Fashion', 'Kaabil', 'Paltan', and 'Appartment'.

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Artificial Intelligence based film 'IRAH' will be released on April 4
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Rohit Bose Roy, who made his mark with Doordarshan's serial 'Swabhiman', has shown his acting magic in many great films along with TV serials, which include 'Fashion', 'Kaabil', 'Paltan', and 'Appartment'. Apart from film and TV, Rohit gave voice in Hindi to the character Star-Lord played by Christopher Michael Pratt in the film 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. Let us tell you that Rohit's upcoming film 'IRaH' is based on Artificial Intelligence and Rohit is playing the lead role in this film. The film will be released in theaters on April 4. Let us tell you what Rohit says about this film.

Rohit's 'IRaH': A Dive into Artificial Intelligence

The trailer of your upcoming film ‘IRaH’ looks fantastic. The digital world has been shown in the film. So what is the concept of the film, tell us something about it.

‘IRaH’ is about Artificial Intelligence. The name of my character in this film is Hari and if you read the English word Hari in reverse, then it is read as IRaH. It shows how you can keep a person's voice and identity alive even after they are gone, and this is just a positive side of it. But its negative side is also very impactful, and if it comes into the hands of a negative person then he can sit anywhere and destroy the whole world. This is a commercial film which has masala, action, drama, and romance. There are also three to four songs in the film. But all this is just a backdrop. The central theme of the film is that if the AI created by my character Hari falls into the hands of the wrong person, then what harm can it do to you without you knowing? Nowadays, many such stories are heard where scams of voice cloning are taking place. All this is just the tip of the iceberg of what other things AI can do. If a nuclear bomb falls somewhere, it causes damage only there, but through AI, a human being sitting in one place can destroy the entire world. Watch the film keeping entertainment in mind because the last twist of the film is the essence of the entire film.

The title of the film is quite unique, so how was the decision taken to keep such a title?

When you watch the film you will understand what this means. Full credit for this goes to our director Sam. Earlier its title was 'Scream' but he kept this title very thoughtfully. Let me tell you that the climax of the film now was not the climax of the earlier film. While shooting, this thought came to his mind that since we are making such a twisted story, we should also twist its ending. In the last 2 minutes of the film, the audience will know what the meaning of Hari and IRaH is and why they have kept the title IRaH. It is very fortunate for me that I am getting to play a central lead after so long and that too on a topic about which everyone is now talking. If you ask me about this film, I will say that when I saw the film, I felt that a very entertaining film had been made.

As seen in the trailer, you are in a very advanced digital world, so how was the shooting experience of this film?

I enjoyed shooting this film a lot. From the very first day, the director had created such an environment that I felt completely at home on the set. The entire film was shot in London and when someone goes to a new environment, it takes some time to get comfortable there. But the people there were so nice that I never felt as if I had never met them before. Sam and I are both Bengali, so we both spoke in Bengali. All of Sam's team were twenty-five to twenty-six-year-old kids and the most amazing thing was that everyone on the set, from the lightman to the make-up guy, had the script of the film. Everyone knew what scene was going to happen next, so they used to prepare accordingly. The shooting system there was also a little different from India. The D.O.P. in this film was Australian but he had settled in London, and he did a great job with the lighting and framing of the film. If I talk about the VFX of the film, it is also amazing. I got to learn a lot from this film because, for the first time, I did a film where so much VFX was used. 30 to 40 percent of this film has been shot through VFX, which does not happen even in good Hindi films.

Can the audience expect the second part of this film?

The director has announced the second part. I had announced its second part on their behalf. I think its second part should be made. But it is also important that first, this film reaches as many people as possible. We hope that people like the film and get positive feedback, after that, we will think about IRaH 2. The story is in his mind that if IRaH 2 is made, what will be its story? Only time will tell when IRaH 2 will be made and whether it will be made or not. I have full hope that IRaH 2 will be made.

After Covid, there has been a lot of change in the film industry, and new mediums like OTT have come. How do you see this change?

Due to Covid, the way people consume entertainment has changed. Earlier there were only two mediums, television and cinema. People used to go with their families to watch the cinema, for them it used to be a family outing. But due to COVID-19, it was closed and people were left with television as an option, but then when people felt that OTT was showing them big films sitting at home, then what was the need to go out? Films were greatly shocked by this change in lockdown. It was not that the films that were released at that time and did not do well were bad, rather people had become so comfortable at home that they preferred to watch these films at home. Change comes from time to time and good things also happen from it. A lot has changed in OTT too, like now OTT has also become star-driven. There was a time when new artists were introduced through OTT and today no new face is seen in OTT. OTT has also started looking at things at a commercial level. I believe that if OTT also does not give opportunities to new talent then there can be trouble.

There is also a lot of hype on social media and recently some celebrities became victims of deepfakes. How do you view trolling on social media?

All I say is that do not get affected by troller or negative feedback because, in today's time, any person who has a phone and knows how to use social media can say anything about you. I have been fortunate that many bad comments come about me. I don't remember that I ever got trolled, I just remember once when I told a joke about Rajinikanth sir, which was about Rajinikanth sir but people took it differently and I was trolled for it. My point and belief is that people will keep saying something or the other, you read it and if you don't like it, delete it. There is no need to react to all these things because these people have no name and no identity. If someone sends a negative message on my Instagram and if it is like a criticism, then I either explain the truth to him or ask him why he thinks like this about me. And it happens many times that later they apologize to me. Always be positive even about negative things.

How do you handle the wall between success and failure and what advice would you like to give to people regarding this?

There is no such wall between success and failure, the lines between them are quite blurred. Nothing is permanent, neither success nor failure. The struggle is a part of life. There is a struggle in every person's life, no matter how successful that person is. The mantra of my life is to always keep doing something or the other. I would say that keep doing such work that sooner or later people notice you and offer you the work of your choice. What I am saying is that the things that work for me don't need to work for you too. But always keep working. There is a lot of competition in today's world but I do not compete with anyone else, I compete only with myself and try to improve myself every day.

What would you like to say to your fans about this film?

IRaH is a very good film which is based on Artificial Intelligence. Today everyone is talking about it, our Prime Minister Modi Ji also said that with the help of Artificial Intelligence, India will soon be a superpower country. This film is very interesting. Keep the love that you have been giving us for years. The film is releasing on 4th April and it is my birthday on 5th April, so consider it as my gift to me and watch this film in the theatre. There is a lot to see in the film, after watching the film, do tell me on my Instagram how you liked the film.

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