'Chandu Champion' Earns Standing Ovation from Army Chief at Screening

Kartik Aaryan's upcoming film 'Chandu Champion' is being discussed everywhere. People got to see a glimpse of Kartik's dedication and excellent acting in the trailer of the film.

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'Chandu Champion' Earns Standing Ovation from Army Chief at Screening
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Kartik Aaryan's upcoming film 'Chandu Champion' is being discussed everywhere. People got to see a glimpse of Kartik's dedication and excellent acting in the trailer of the film. Directed by Kabir Khan, this film is based on the life of India's first Paralympic gold medalist Muralikant Petkar. Kartik is playing the character of Muralikant Petkar in the film. Let us tell you that the film is going to be released in theaters on June 14. The film has been discussed since the release of the first poster of the film. After the trailer release, the audience is also impressed by Kartik's performance and is waiting for the film to come. The promotion of the film is going on in full swing. Recently, during a press conference,

Kartik talked about the film. Let us tell you what Kartik says about the film.

Your character in Chandu Champion required a lot of your physical and mental strength, so how difficult was it for you to come out of this character after the shooting of the film was over?

There are many things about this character that are still with me and I do not want to come out of this character. Whatever physical and mental space I have been in during this character has given me a lot of positivity. I feel I do not want to let go of this character. The lifestyle that I adopted for two years for this character, I would like to adopt the same lifestyle in the future as well. This film has given me the validation to follow the mentality of 'never Give-up' that I had earlier. When I came to know about the story of this film, I was very inspired by it, I want to move forward with the mentality of 'a man who refuses to surrender'. And I do not want to come out of this character.

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You have met Murlikant Petkar ji, what did you learn from him?

I met him during the shooting of the swimming portion. Meeting him was very inspiring for me. He has a jacket which has all the medals he has won in different fields and I was very inspired by him after seeing all that. There are so many things in his story that it was very difficult to bring it all into a film. If they had brought all the things of his life into the film, I would have had to learn a lot more things. Thank God, I have to learn only three to four styles. When he saw me swimming, he told me that my swimming was like his, and I was very happy with his compliment. This compliment made me feel that my two years of hard work was worth it.

Whenever a biopic is made, writers play a very important role in it but they do not get the recognition they deserve. What do you have to say about this?

I always try that whatever film I am doing, its writing should be good because that is the first pillar of any film. We always try that writers get the recognition they deserve and sometimes we do not shy away from taking the names of our writers. The way Sumeet and Kabir sir have made this film together is very beautiful. I think everyone should get credits.

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Is there any one thing because of which you said yes to this role?

I think its story has inspired me a lot. I was a little sad thinking that such a great story of a person has not been celebrated to date. I was sure that this story would reach everyone. I think this is probably the reason why I said yes to this film.

There are Marathi actors in this film and Murlikant himself was from Maharashtra. How was the experience of working with them?

I would like to thank the entire cast. The way Kabir sir cast all of us in this film was very unique. Most of the people in the cast were people with whom I was working for the first time. The film is beautifully written and has been performed brilliantly by the cast. I would like to thank the entire cast because it is because of their good work that my work shines. The entire film is in Hindi but to give it a Marathi essence, its dialogues were written by mixing Marathi and Hindi. All these things have helped me in creating a character that I have never played before.

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Music plays a very important role in a film, so how do you like Pritam da's composition in this film?

The entire album of this film is very good. Recently, the song 'Sarfira' has been launched, I like its melody and the entire song very much. When people will see this song in the film, it will inspire them a lot. Apart from this, 'Tu Hai Champion' has become an anthem. Nowadays, very few songs come that fit every situation. Now, if you open any app or go anywhere, you will see 'Tu Hai Champion' somewhere or the other. Pritam da has made it an anthem song. One song is also very important for our film. This is the quality of Pritam da that he makes very different types of songs in a single album. All the songs have not even been released yet.

Many biopics have not done well at the box office. How different is Chandu Champion from the rest and do you have the pressure of the box office?

I think it is not about biopic or genre, it is about films. This is not just a sports biopic, it is a journey of a person. The uniqueness of this film is that sports are the backdrop of this story. This is the story of a person in whose life sports are also a part. I have neither seen such a biopic nor have heard about any such biopic. I think everyone will be able to relate to this story.

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Did you ever have an emotional breakdown while shooting for this film?

It happened in one or two scenes that I had an emotional breakdown because I was able to relate to those scenes a lot. There are such twists in the story and when I was performing them, it touched my heart and since I was living this character for two and a half years, I had an emotional breakdown while performing these scenes. There is a dialogue at the end of the trailer that "I want to fight for every Chandu who can become a champion." This was one such scene where I had an emotional breakdown.

What is the difference between being a character in a biopic and a fictional story?

I was playing the character of a real person for the first time. I did not know how to prepare for it. Another difficulty I had in doing this character was that I did not have any reference point. When I search about them, not many images or videos come up that I could follow to prepare for this character. Kabir sir had decided that I would not meet Murali sir before the shooting, he would go to meet him and we were preparing for my character based on whatever notes he brought. Another difficulty for me was that a particular kind of image of me was stuck in the minds of the audience and it was difficult to break it. By the grace of God, all the reactions that are coming now show that everything is going well.

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Your performance got a standing ovation at the screening of the film. What would you like to say about it?

It was a very emotional moment for me. The film was screened when Murali Sir saw the film for the first time and the Army Chief and Vice Army Chief were also with him. It was an emotional moment for all of us. The Army Chief, Vice Army Chief, and Army personnel are all watching a film based on an Indian Army soldier. It was an emotional moment for all of us and the film also got a standing ovation. All of us were teary-eyed. The film has been made with a lot of hard work, it is the result of two to two and a half years of hard work of everyone. This standing ovation means a lot to us. I am thankful to the entire Army, Army Chief, and Vice Army Chief.

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