Colorful interaction with Global Opera Queen Gioconda Vessichelli on the occasion of Holi festivities. By Sulena Majumdar Arora

The beautiful festival Holi is just knocking at  our door and we can practically feel the essence of romance and elegance in the air. The sky seems to be colored with rainbow colors of happiness

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The beautiful festival Holi is just knocking at  our door and we can practically feel the essence of romance and elegance in the air. The sky seems to be colored with rainbow colors of happiness, and everywhere you look, there are sounds of singing and fun infused laughter, coming from the houses. This festival is a time to forget all your worries and keep everything aside to just be together with your family and friends. Holi songs and stage shows have also begun in Bollywood . In such a situation, I meet the global opera queen Gioconda Vessichelli telephonically, who is currently preparing for a big show in the city of Pakistan. I asked her if she is going to come to India on Holi, she said that she definitely wants to come to India during the colorful festival like Holi, but she is too busy in Pakistan preparing for her shows, and so she cannot come to India without fulfilling her commitments there. She said, It is difficult for her to say anything right now.


Presenting some beautiful questions and answers about Holi from Gioconda Vesichelli


We know you're a world-famous opera queen, but today we want to talk about the Holi festival. Have you ever heard about Holi? It's basically the complete opposite of an opera performance – Holi is all about being bold, throwing colors and celebrating life with music and dance. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this unique festival and how it compares to the world of opera you know so well? So, are you ready to immerse yourself in the colorful world of Holi?

My experience regarding Holi was very good, for the first time, During Holi festival when I went to Holi party with TOI owner Vineet Jain along with many other celebrities (Mill Brothers, Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor, Manish Malhotra and many others), we danced and smeared and spread colors with great joy. We should not compare opera with the festivities of colors because both are the colors of mind and emotions. And we can never weigh emotion. Anyhow, that Holi day, We had a lot of fun. Life is always full of colors , so Holi is the best celebration for me. How happy I was during that time. You can see some of its pictures on my Instagram page.

Has anyone ever hit you with a colored balloon?

Fortunately, no colorful balloon ever fell on me, nor did anyone throw a balloon targeting me. I'm mainly a hitter myself, when I'm dancing and spreading fun I go a little wild because the wolf inside me wakes up (ha ha ha ha ha)



What do you do on Holi?
I usually go to all those programs where they invite me as the guest of honor and in some of those programs I even sang my Bollywood songs because it is played on a big stage and with a lot of audience. A good show is always organised.

How do you celebrate the festival of Holi?
I mostly meet all my friends and sometimes I go out for dinner with my closest friends. And I lovingly watch and feel the celebrations going on in every home of India.

Did you know about the Indian Holi festival in your childhood?
No, unfortunately I didn't know because there is no much Hindu community or Indian people in our neighborhood in Italy..But surprisingly, I have loved colors since childhood and have been coloring my hair green, pink since my primary school days.

So when and how did you know about Holi?
When I came to India for the first time in 2014, I got to know about this festival as I was invited to do a concert for Holi in Bandra with Anup Jalota and Anand Bhosle, So I came to know about this festival, I was happy to wear snow white clothes on Holi day, which by evening was coloured in rainbow colors was in full glow. Seeing so many people colored in different ways felt like a canvas of positive energy.



Do you celebrate Holi?
Whenever I live in India, I definitely celebrate.

When you were colored for the first time, how did you like the celebration of Holi?
I told you that I enjoyed playing this festival of colors among the dignitaries of India so much, that I kept remembering that beautiful feeling for many days.

Gioconda, you are such a beautiful and young girl, tell me, who was the handsome who smeared you with colors for the first time?
Hmmm! Is the thought of spreading any naughty rumor rising in your head ? You naughty girl! No way , I will not tell you anything , you will make a mess out of it. (we both laugh aloud)


How do you feel about the Indian festival Holi?
It is a very beautiful and captivating festival, this game which gives rise to youthful enthusiasm and wave, fills the mind with fun and joy. I have heard the stories about Holi and Holika , which is mythological and so interesting. When I listen to the mythological stories, I feel as if I have been an Indian in my previous birth and perhaps in this life too, the color of Indianness has captivated me.

When you were a child, did you know about the Holi festival?
No, not at all. I Got information about this festival only after coming to India.

Do you agree with hitting colored balloons and throwing colors by unknown people?
No no, I don't like it at all, if some unknown person suddenly attacks me with colors or throws balloons at me. If this happens, I will take a good lesson of that person.


Any plans for the upcoming Holi festivals?
Right now I am in Pakistan, busy in many programs.

Any incident ever happened on the day of Holi?
No bad incident happened. I live under heavy protection so no one can reach me and there can be nothing but happiness and joy in Holi with the people among the whom I live.

What would you like to say to your fans and your friends and followers?
I wish all my fans and followers around the world a very Happy Holi and wish that everyone's life always remains colorful.


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