Contestants of 'Khatron Ke Khiladi 14' have memorized Hanuman Chalisa

Colors TV's reality show 'Khatron Ke Khiladi' is coming back with season 14. Let us tell you that in the list of confirmed contestants of 'Khatron Ke Khiladi', Abhishek Kumar, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Shalin Bhanot, Asim, and more...

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Contestants of 'Khatron Ke Khiladi 14' have memorized Hanuman Chalisa
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Colors TV's reality show 'Khatron Ke Khiladi' is coming back with season 14. Let us tell you that in the list of confirmed contestants of 'Khatron Ke Khiladi', Abhishek Kumar, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Shalin Bhanot, Asim, Alava Krishna Shroff, Aditi Sharma, Gashmeer Mahajan, Sumona Chakraborty, Kedar Ashish, Karan Veer Mehra, and Niyati Fatani. Are. The show will be shot in Romania. Before leaving for Romania, let us tell you what the contestants said about the show.

What was the motive behind joining this show? 

Abhishek- My reason was that I had to overcome my phobia. The aim is not to disappoint Rohit sir and not to give up. Last time I was two to three steps away from the trophy, this time I will take the trophy.
Sumona- I love doing challenging things. I like to do challenging things in real life too. It's been a long time since I did anything challenging.
Gashmeer- For a long time I wanted to go back to fitness. I was an athlete when I was 17-18 years old, but after that, I left everything. And at one time I used to go to the gym and just lift weights. I had to clean my system and I think this show will give me the motivation to do that.

Have you guys made any special preparations for the show or started taking any special training?

Gashmeer- No, I am not doing any special preparation but I think this is a show for which no matter how much preparation you do, it will not be helpful because you do not know what stunt is going to come in front of you there. You can only prepare so much that you keep your body ready to support you at that time. 
Sumona- No matter how much preparation there is for the stunts that will take place there. For that, you need to have faith and belief in yourself. 
Abhishek- I think this show is more about mental preparation than physical preparation.   

What's the stunt you're most looking forward to and what's the stunt you wish you didn't have to do?

Sumona- I have never done electric stunts before nor would I want to do them. And no preparation can be done for such stunts. I am looking forward to doing water stunts and car stunts. 
Abhishek- Because I don't know how to swim, I am a little scared of water but I will also be eagerly waiting for the car stunt because this stunt seems quite heroic. 
Gashmeer- I am very afraid of fire if I am standing at a great height then I have a phobia of height also. But if you overcome your fear just for that moment, then it is a good thing.

What preparations have you all done before going to the show?

Krishna- I have not changed anything like this in my daily routine. Everyone knows that I am physically active but I think this game is more mental than physical. If you have control over your mind then your body will support you.
Tell us something about how you became a part of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’.
Krishna- This show came to me two years ago. At that time I was not ready to do a reality TV show because such shows require a lot of energy and you are in a vulnerable position. Now I am a little more comfortable and I feel that there is a right time for everything and this is my right time.

Shilpa Shinde had said in an interview that she sees both of you in the show as a tough competition. What would you like to say about this?

Nimrit- I would appreciate it if she sees us as any competition. But I think we should come into this game with the mindset that our competition is only with ourselves and not with anyone else.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 14 Shilpa Shinde Calls Nimrit Kaur AhluwaliaDo you have any phobia that you feel you can overcome by participating in this show? 

Nimrit- There are many. Since childhood, I have been a little afraid of heights. We all know that this show is not easy, so we all are mentally strong. It takes a lot of courage to do a show like this and I think all 14 of us contestants have that courage. 
Krishna- I can sit here and give a list but when you are in that environment it is very different.

What preparations have you guys made for the show? 

Ashish- We all do some preparation in our life but Khatron Ke Khiladi is a game of mental strength, now it has to be seen how good is whose mental strength. 
Niyati- I feel that we can never experience the kind of stunts we face in Khatron Ke Khiladi in real life, so we cannot train for the same. 
Karan- Although I have always paid attention to fitness, for the last two months I have taken some care about food and drink. 
Niyati- We all have memorized Hanuman Chalisa. 
Aditi- Everything is going on in the name of God.

Is there any phobia that you would like to overcome with the help of this show?

Aditi- We have not faced the kind of things that we will face in the show in real life, so there are many such things about which we probably do not know, how much we fear them, and even if we are aware of the fear, then it is not known. That's how scared one feels. All this will be known only by going there. I am just afraid of a little claustrophobia, everything else should be managed according to me.
Karan- I am a little afraid of animals, but I don't think I am that afraid of anything else. The rest of the Colors team and Khatron Ke Khiladi team have promised that they will not let us die.
Niyati- I am very scared of water, especially those stunts in which one has to go underwater and hold one's breath. Now let's see what happens next.
Ashish- I am scared of everything but after some time I also like to face challenges.

Why have you chosen this season?

Ashish- Khatron Ke Khiladi is a big show in itself and we have not chosen it, it has chosen us.
Aditi- I think the right thing happens at the right time and this is our time, that's why we are here.

Out of all the seasons of Khatron Ke Khiladi so far, who has been your favorite contestant?

Ashish- I have three which are Bharti, Puneet, and Dino because all three were very real organic. If they are scared then they have faced the fear and fought in their way.
Aditi- I like Dino, Arijit, and Divyanka Tripathi very much because they all performed very well and Arijit also faced his fear of heights in the show.
Niyati- I have seen only a few stunts in which I liked Nia's performance very much.
Karan- I have not seen any season, I have only seen a few stunts here and there. I have seen some episodes of Karan Wahi and Ravi.

What is the stunt that you want to do and what is the stunt that you don't want to do?

Aditi- we should tell you now so that when the show starts, they give us the same stunt!



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