Isha Malviya Asserts: Deserving a Spot in Bigg Boss 17 Top 5

Isha is known for playing the character of 'Jasmine' in the Colors show Udaariyaan. Ever since Isha entered the Bigg Boss 17 house, she remained in the headlines for one thing or the other.

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Isha Malviya Asserts Deserving a Spot in Bigg Boss 17 Top 5

Isha is known for playing the character of 'Jasmine' in the Colors show Udaariyaan. Ever since Isha entered the Bigg Boss 17 house, she remained in the headlines for one thing or the other. Before the final, Isha has been evicted from the show.

Let us tell you what Isha said after her eviction

Everyone believed that you would go to the top 5, so when you came out, what was the reaction of your family?

This eviction was unexpected for me too because I thought that I would at least go in the top 5. I think I deserve to be there more than some of the people who are inside now. My journey has been great and I am very happy.

Who do you think should have been out in your place?

Arun Bhai, there is no doubt about this.

Out of the four people who were with you in the nomination, who do you think should have been eliminated in your place?

Ayesha moved out a day before me. I think Vicky Bhai because even if we look at the basis of voting, my fan following is more than Vicky Bhai, so I am not able to understand what went wrong and why I got fewer votes. When I was evicted, I did not understand anything, I did not even cry. I quietly came out of the house. I was a little sad that after coming so close to the finals, I was eliminated.

vickey Jain, Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra

People believe that whatever you did with Abhishek and Mannara in the last week, you spoiled your own game, and what would you like to say about this?

I don't think so at all, rather I feel that the mistakes of others were not registered because they would go to some corner and keep talking. My voice is very loud and clear, perhaps that is why people could hear whatever I was saying, good or bad. Throughout the show, I never felt that I needed someone to speak for me because I was enough to speak for myself. There has been no initiative from my side for anyone in the entire show. When things came to my attention, I just responded. I never played the victim card, maybe my answers were so hurtful that people played the victim card. I think I went wrong when I didn't cry and tell people that I too have been spoken badly of.

A girl has called another girl a bar dancer, if someone had called you a bar dancer, how would you have taken that thing?

Let's talk about Mannara to whom I have told this. Mannara started talking about the character of each girl from the second week itself. I spoke only about Mannara but Mannara talked about Ayesha, Ankita, Khanzadi, Sana, me, and all the girls inside the house. I feel whatever he said during the entire show and if I got frustrated and said anything to him at the end, I would feel bad about myself because I had not used such a word in the entire show. If you provoke someone repeatedly, the other person will respond.

Bigg Boss 17 - Abhishek Kumar

If we talk about provocation, your poking level had gone quite high regarding Abhishek too, so what would you like to say about him?

If we talk about poking, then during the entire show, during every weekend war, Abhishek has been told that whatever you are doing is going against you. Bigg Boss had also told him that his poking was increasing so much that people were fed up with him. Abhishek's poking level was also no less than ours, if his poking level was 100% then our poking must have been only 5% of that. And in that very poking he felt so bad that he had such a reaction. He has always claimed that he loves me very much but you cannot speak so badly about the one you love. After doing everything, he used to say sorry so that he could get solace from the people. But I would like to give this advice to Abhishek's family that they will have to improve their behavior toward Abhishek.

You had become friends with Abhishek at the beginning of the show but as soon as Samarth came, you started poking Abhishek.

I've never poked before. I would like to clarify the incident that I was not even in the hall when this fight took place. Abhishek told Samarth, “Why are you fighting alone now, go and call your girlfriend because without her you cannot fight.” It was only after hearing this that I came out. I probably didn't say anything in front of everyone to show my love and support for Samarth, but I told him in private not to do this.

Abhishek with Samarth

You were in a relationship with Abhishek, which you never talked about in the media but people knew that you were in a relationship. Why didn't you ever talk about whatever you went through in that relationship? Were you waiting to expose him in Bigg Boss?

Not at all, because for a long time, I did not know that Abhishek was going to the show. My coming to the show was finalized long ago. If I talk about physical violence, I think Abhishek should accept that he has got many opportunities from my side. When you are in a relationship and love a person, you forgive even his 100 mistakes. And I think that was stupid of me that I did not talk about this thing at that time.

You call Abhishek toxic but Samarth was also doing the same to you, he threw coffee at you. What would you like to say about this?

Firstly, he never threw coffee at me and secondly, some things happen in every relationship.

A video of your Samarth went viral in which he was abusing you while talking to you, so does he talk to you like this?

No. It's not like that. He has never talked to me like this, maybe he would have been angry at that time.

Mannara Chopra unveils Smartphone in Hyderabad

When Ayesha entered, you and Samarth were babysitting Mannara, but Mannara's family has called you gutter mouth outside because of whatever happened between you and Mannara in the last week, so what would you like to say about that?

The affection I had with Mannara was also true and the irritation I felt towards her was also absolutely true. I understood Mannara's loneliness and I stood with her but I was irritated because of Mannara's double standard.

When your relationship was exposed in the beginning, Munawar was not at all attacking you, but after Ayesha's arrival, when Munawar's relationship was exposed, you all began attacking him. What would you like to say about this?

Public attacking is not the only attacking. Munawar has spoken badly about me to Abhishek in private, and many times he has made me feel bad about this too. He told me “If anything bad ever happens to me in life, I will think that at least nothing as bad as Isha happened to me.” When Ayesha got nominated, she revealed all the secrets of Munawar about how many girls he had cheated with. I had said on this very issue that in the beginning, you were pointing fingers at my character, now what will you say about yourself?

Bigg Boss 17 Munawar Faruqui

Do you think Munawar deserves the Bigg Boss 17 trophy?

No, I don't think Munawar deserves the trophy. He has performed the entire show while sleeping. I have also told him this in the show that I find his game to be zero. If he had been a common man and he had not had a fan following, he would never have been able to reach here.

Your father has refused to accept Samarth as his son-in-law, so what would you like to say about this?

I have not seen any interviews yet so I would not like to comment on this matter. I have not yet told my side of the story to my family. I know that if I tell him, he will understand what I say.


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