Kailash Kher's Insight on Kashi Stuti & Memorable Meeting with PM Modi

Padma Shri awardee Kailash Kher is a singer and music composer. Kailash Kher is known for his powerful voice and unique singing style. The name of Kailash Kher's musical band is 'Kailasha'.

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Kailash Kher's Insight on Kashi Stuti & Memorable Meeting with PM Modi

Padma Shri awardee Kailash Kher is a singer and music composer. Kailash Kher is known for his powerful voice and unique singing style. The name of Kailash Kher's musical band is 'Kailasha'. From the musical album 'Teri Deewani' to 'Jai Jai Kara' and 'Jal Rahi Hai Chita' in the film 'Bahubali', he is also the powerful voice behind it. Recently a new song of his has come out the name is 'Kashi Stuti'. This song has been made keeping Kashi in mind. The song is being liked by the people. Let us tell you what Kailash Kher Ji said about this song and his upcoming projects.

There is a lot of discussion about Kashi Stuti

Tell us something about how the idea for this song came to you.

Kashi city is the city established by Lord Shiva himself. It can be said that when there was nothing on earth, the construction of buildings must have started, and that too on the banks of the Ganga. How wonderful it must have been. Looking at Kashi, it seems as if half of the city is immersed in the Ganga and half is on the earth. The form of Kashi is very unique, so why not more so after all our Mahadev himself has created it.

In this song, I have also written that “jis nagaree ke abheeanta hon mahaadev kailaashee, har har har har jot lie har har karen praKashi, mrtyunjay he, vishvanaath he ajar amar avinaashee, bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bol raha hai Kashi, bam bam bol raha hai Kashi.” The song start like this “gagan mandal se gaaj uthee, ek aisee aavaaz ek aisee dhvani uthee, gagan mandal se gaaj uthee, anahad kee tuti baaj uthee, lahar lahar bikhare moti.”

At night, when it is Dev Diwali, or the daily Ganga Ghat Aarti is held there, then when you look at Ganga Ji, you feel as if pearls are scattered in every wave, and the full moon is shining on Ganga Ji. When I peek inside, it seems as if a mother is holding the moon in her lap and saying, "Come, let me wash your face." The order to make this song was received from our honorable Prime Minister Modi ji. He had said that someone should make a song on Kashi. There is a way to make such songs, we meditate and merge into God, and then they come in the form of words, sounds, and sounds. First I went to Vishwanath Temple which was arranged by the Prime Minister himself, I went there for two days. Spending time in Kashi Vishwanath for two days was no less than a holiday for me, when I came to know that I was going there for two days, I was extremely happy. Where people only have a few moments for Darshan, I sat there and meditated, got Rudrabhishek done, and there was a smile on my face and tears were flowing from my eyes. There was a time when we were wandering on the streets, with no hope of survival. I had taken a dip in the Ganga, but God has taken me out from there and kept me right in his palm. This song came out of the day's spiritual journey we took in Kashi and whatever we saw and learned there. This entire song has been released in the name of Kashi Stuti. The Prime Minister posted this song, and it is a big thing to get his blessings.

How do you look at choosing you among so many artists, and allowing you to create this song?

I feel that I do not live life but I live passion, I live goal, I live purpose. I have come here after taking a bath in the morning, I have not even had food yet, but I am so full of energy that even if I talk to a hundred media people right now, my energy will remain the same, and it will increase even more.

Would you like to share something with fans about your upcoming projects?

Although there are many things I can tell about two or three. Reality shows are being made on Indian folk genres, which are being made for the first time in the history of India. When the nectar was churned, just as the gods emerged from it, the Gandharvas also emerged. Gandharvas are devotees of music. It was the duty of Gandharva to bring love to the earth and increase it through music. Our folk songs are slowly disappearing. The reason this happened is that the fashionistas promoted something else and distorted their music. Nowadays people do not even know what folk genres and folk instruments are. Earlier, people used to grow Tumba i.e. pumpkin in their courtyard and after drying it, they used to make Tumba i.e. Ektara out of it and used to play it, now where can we see all this? But now we are bringing it back. By the grace of God and the order of the Honorable Prime Minister, just as we are paying attention to the things made by our country in Vocal for Local, in the same way, we have to pay attention to our culture as well. We are involved in this work and it is our responsibility to bring back our culture. Therefore, we are coming up with a reality show, which is going to happen for the first time in the history of India. Diamonds are being found and brought from 28 states and 8 union territories of India.

Who knows how many Kailash Kher and Kailash Kherni are being found and brought? And giving a grand, divine, and huge platform to all of them. Whatever reality shows we are running today are foreign shows, only the name India has been added to them. This is the first Indian show whose name is Bharat Ka Amrit Kalash. In this show, India will get a glimpse of Indian riches, and will recognize its power, and will learn about the different cultures of its country. We have a small company Kailash Entertainment Private Limited which is producing this show 'Bharat Ka Amrit Kalash'. We have started an academy on Yari Road named ‘Kailash Kher Academy for Learning Art’, which we can also call art. We have added Dham to this name, which means, Dham is the final destination of every seeker. Our Char Dham Yatra is undertaken, this means that when the Char Dham Yatra is over, it means your search also ends. Kailasha has started releasing albums again after seven years, 'O Dil Jani', a new album has just come which has received a lot of love. I have written one such line in the song of this album which is something like this, “pagal ho jaun o tere hin pyaar mein, naachoon, sharmaoon o beech baazaar mein. tu hai to tar jaun, ho ke majhadhaar mein”

Atman in Ravi is such a great personality found on this earth, who is a part of our life, today we have a Satsang and a gathering with him. You have been invited to today's great festival to tell you that this is happening today. Atman in Ravi and I have only one goal set out to awaken the world through music and spirituality.

Your songs have always been different, they bring positive energy into people's lives, and after listening to the songs we understand that this is your song, what has been your inspiration for these songs?

Everyone on earth is speaking but no one is listening, when you start listening then understand that balance has been achieved. These three worlds, water, land, and sky, are dependent on balance. If you turn Shiva upside down then he becomes Vashi which means control, and this world is running only through control. Our aim now is to observe this earth. There is a lot of darkness on earth and with this in mind, I had written, “Andhere kahin jam na jayen ujaale baant lo”

What would you like to say to your fans?

From my heart, I would like to say that the world of mad people belongs only to mad people. Just remain as you are, only then you can live. Only if you do this will you remain drenched in so much love, otherwise even those who have made money through deceit are worried. We call our fans our family, if you are in love then just stay in love, and show the next generation what is the impact of good music, good spirituality, and good thoughts. Stay connected with us like this, and keep giving similar reactions. And now there is social media in the form of Lord Narad, so stay connected with us there too.


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