'Mehendi wala ghar': How Shruti and Shehzad like to celebrate Holi

Sony Television's new show 'Mehndi Wala Ghar' is the story of a family that was once torn apart and now there is someone ready to bring it together. Mauli and Rahul i.e.

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Sony Television's new show 'Mehndi Wala Ghar' is the story of a family that was once torn apart and now there is someone ready to bring it together. Mauli and Rahul i.e. Shruti Anand and Shehzad Sheikh are part of this story. Let us tell you how your favorite characters celebrate Holi.

Holi is celebrated with great pomp in India, what are you most excited about in the festival of Holi?

Shruti- I am very excited to meet the family. This time also I am going to my hometown on Holi. I like spending time with them very much because due to our work, we have very little time with them, so I like to spend time with them.

Shehzad - I think Holi is one of those festivals which is celebrated at the international level. Holi parties are happening all over the world these days. If it is possible and I get a long leave, I would also like to go to my home and celebrate Holi with my friends. For us, a long vacation means only two days.



Everyone has fun during Holi, have you also had any such fun about which you would like to tell?

Shruti- My brother used to have many accidents, once in the village he was picked up and thrown into a well. Such things used to happen to him a lot, when he left the house, something else was visible and when he returned home, his clothes were missing. The next day of Holi, everyone's torn clothes were visible on the wires outside the house.

Shehzad- I think college memories will always be the best. But I remember a memory when I lived on Yari Road, my roommate also had very wild parties. Like everyone else, we both went out on the road and had a lot of fun.

If you had a chance, who would you like to paint on the set, with your favorite color?

Shruti- I want to play Holi with everyone, even with you. If I talk about colors, I would choose white and red because red is the color of love, and white because it is a symbol of peace. I would like to play Holi with everyone with these two colors.

Shehzad - I will gather our entire army and take a big bucket, mix all the colors in it, and apply it to all the people of the unit. It should be such that eighty people are running and behind them, the actors are running with colors.



There are sweets not only in festivals but also in Holi. Which sweets do you like to eat in Holi?

Shruti- I like Gujiya very much.

Shehzad - I drank bhang once, which I enjoyed a lot. We all eat sweets but during our college days, we all had a lot of fun. Holi happens only for one day so live it to your fullest.

Who would you like to secretly give bhaang to on the set?

Shehzad - No no, it is not like that, there should be unity in life, so mix it in water and make everyone drink it. No person will suffer alone, we are all a team.

Shruti- Ravi sir because he is very cool. Even without bhaang, they remain under the influence of bhaang. He is very funny, if you are around him you will keep laughing.



What are your plans this Holi?

Shehzad - No, there is no such plan, I just want to spend time with the family.

Shruti- I am going to my home. Well, shooting the Holi sequence in the show is a lot of fun. We keep playing Holi for three to four days on the sets.

Shehzad- I enjoy shooting Holi on the sets. After playing Holi for four to five days on the set, the ears turn red due to the very first color of Holi.

So will the audience get to see Holi drama in the show?

Shehzad- It is a 'Mehendi wala ghar', in which there are 22 people and if they do not play Holi together then how will it work?

Shruti- There is going to be a lot of fun in the episodes also.



Is any favorite song of yours related to Holi?

Shehzad - Right now I am listening to 'Balam Pichkari' many times throughout the day. I think I will listen to the same song to set the mood on Holi day also.

Shruti- I like 'Rang Barse Bhenge Chunar Wali, Rang Barse', and it has been playing for the last many days. I also like that song of Baghban, ‘Holi Khele Raghubir Awadh Mein Holi Khele Raghubira’.



What would you like to say to your fans on the occasion of Holi?

Shruti- Happy Holi to all of you, play Holi with your family and friends, and play safe Holi. Eat lots of sweets and enjoy.

Shehzad- Happy Holi to everyone. Thank you very much to all of you for giving us so much love. This Holi, have a lot of fun, enjoy, party a lot, and make this day memorable.


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