"Not as a leader but as an actor..." Shekhar Suman

Shekhar Suman is a name who is also an actor, producer, director, singer, and politician. Shekhar started his acting career with the film 'Utsav' in which Rekha was playing his heroine.

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Not as a leader but as an actor... Shekhar Suman
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Shekhar Suman is a name who is also an actor, producer, director, singer, and politician. Shekhar started his acting career with the film 'Utsav' in which Rekha was playing his heroine. Apart from this, Shekhar worked in films like 'Manav Hatiya', 'Nache Mayuri', 'Sansar', 'Anubhav', 'Tridev', 'Pati Parmeshwar', and 'Ranbhoomi' in his career. Apart from films, Shekhar has worked in many TV serials and has also become a judge, in reality, shows like 'Comedy Circus'. With this, Shekhar has re-entered politics by joining the BJP party. Shekhar has appeared in the role of Nawab Zulfikar in the recently released series 'Hiramandi: The Diamond Bazaar' on Netflix, which is being liked very much by the audience. Let us tell you what Shekhar Suman says about this series, sharing the screen with his son Adhyayan, and coming back to politics.

Shekhar Suman on 'The Diamond Bazaar': Sharing Screen with Son, Return to Politics

You are getting immense love from the audience for ‘Heeramandi’. What would you like to say about this?

I am saying a lot on every channel, and in every interview, I am just expressing my happiness. First of all, I would like to thank Mayapuri, after reading which big stars were created. I remember that whenever we used to travel by train and the train stopped somewhere, we used to run and buy Mayapuri from the station so that we could pass the further journey smoothly. Heeramandi's journey has also been quite pleasant. The best thing about life is that it gives you lots of happiness when you don't expect anything from it. According to me, being a part of Heeramandi is a very lucky thing, this luck is doubly because my son is also in it. He joined this show first and then I joined. We are playing the role of Nawab. The happy thing is that in today's time, the audience is so good that an actor does not need to appear in the entire film, if you have a few scenes and you have done a good job in it, then the audience also appreciates the honesty and hard work of an actor. There is nothing can be bigger than hearing praising words from the audience. 

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How was the experience of working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali?

Whatever he creates, he creates a masterpiece with great care. Bhansali Sahab has done his PhD in making period dramas. He works very minutely on everything. The set designed by him is also a character in itself. Whatever Sanjay Ji has created, is a very complete thing. He is a perfectionist. I think if a person is not a perfectionist then he has no right to become a director, artist, or anything else. The specialty of Bhansali Sahab is that whether the scene is small or big, he gets completely engrossed in the scene. Heeramandi in itself is a wonderful art display that will bring fame not only in India but also outside India. The work we all have done has set an example that this kind of work can also be done. He works so meticulously that if he did not like something, he would change it. In my carriage scene where I am drunk, he had written something else earlier but later he changed it completely. The job of an actor is to show on camera the happiness, sadness, and agony of the character he is playing. I think that once they have worked with Sanjay Sahab, even actors will not feel comfortable working with anyone else.

How was the experience for you playing your character Zulfikar in Heeramandi?

This experience is different. When something like this happens, we are surprised to see how I did it. The credit for an actor's excellent acting also goes to the director who has brought out his hidden talent. I had a very beautiful experience working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. I had adapted to that character in such a way that even now that character has not gone away from me. My wife still scolds me that I am no longer Zulfikar. I have never seen such a tremendous impact on any series before.

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Shekhar Suman: 'Heeramandi wasn't another sex scene' - Rediff.com
Your chemistry with Manisha Koirala was greatly appreciated. What would you like to say about it?

She is a seasoned actress and everyone's favorite. She works with a lot of heart. We all are his admirers. I like all his films very much. I also told him that your specialty is that you talk through your eyes. For this series, he not only changed his entire personality, he also changed his voice for it. Everything about his expression is very beautiful. I have three big scenes with him in the series. It is also a coincidence that I got a chance to work with her because due to her illness, she had said that she would not work in films anymore. It is our good fortune that she came back and I got a chance to do this memorable role with her.

What was your reaction when you got the offer to play this character because your fans have never seen you in a character like this before?

It was very, very good. That's the beauty of an actor that he brings something that the fans have not seen before or did not expect from you in that kind of character. It's more fun to play such a character that challenges you and inspires you to try something new. Because doing the same character again and again is not a big deal. I knew that I could play such a character very well and I also knew that if I found a good director, I would like to try many more new things. I also appeal to those directors who are watching me that I am yearning to do this type of role, I hope that if anyone has such a role, they will bring it to me.

Adhyayan Suman defends his small role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Heeramandi,  says Season 2 will get made | Hindi Movie News - Times of India
You have shared this success with your son Adhyayan, how special is this for you?

It is very special. If I ever write a book on my life, I will mention this moment in it. I will write in it how when I and Adhyayan were together in a scene, in that scene I was an actor, an actor, and a father, all three together. In a scene when he was with Manisha ji and as soon as it was cut, Manisha ji turned and said to Sanjay ji, “Where was this actor for so many days, why did the industry not appreciate him?” That moment when Sanjay ji was happy with Adhyayan and hugged him with tears in his eyes, what could be better than calling me and praising my son? Hearing praise for his work from a director who is the best in his work, nothing could have been better than this. It is difficult to express this happiness in words.

According to you, what is the special thing about this project that this project is getting love from the audience from all sides?

The truth of this project. I believe that if we create something then there should be a truth in it. If a scene is going on, it should seem as if it is happening and whatever situation the character is going through in that scene should seem real. The detail that Sanjay Leela Bhansali has shown in everything, be it the sets, clothes, jewelry, or the emotions of the characters, is praiseworthy. The most special thing is its cinematography which has been done by Sudeep Chatterjee. He showed the things written on paper on the screen with such beauty that there is no comparison. The beautiful and unique but true world that Sanjay Leela Bhansali has created is the reason why people are watching it and liking it so much. I also believe that considering the grandeur of this series, it should be released as a film.

Heeramandi Actor Shekhar Suman Joins BJP; Honoured At Party's Headquarter

After 15 years, you have again entered the world of politics, would you like to say something about it?

Politics is a part of our life. Even if we are not associated with any party, we still talk about what should and should not happen in the country. The general public does not just talk in the Parliament but we do all the other things sitting at home. I feel that sometimes it is necessary to go inside the system and strengthen the hand of the government and the country. I am repeating this again and again that I have entered politics not as a leader but as an actor. I don't want to do any politics, I want to understand some good policies and adopt them. If I can do something for the film industry after coming here, it will be a great thing and it will be my good fortune to do so. Whatever I got today, I got it because of Bihar and Patna. I grew up there. I think now is my time to give something back to them. I once tried to contest for an MP from another party in 2009 in the hope that if elected, I would be able to do something that would benefit the people but it did not happen. When Ram Lalla was established, I felt that the existence of the country had come back and the civilization and culture of India had returned, faith had awakened again among the people and I too had to join this stream. I have come up with a specific intention that I have to work, and if I am not able to do that work in that stipulated time then I will say goodbye. I feel that two attempts are enough, and then I will not come back, but this time I have come with the positivity that whatever I have come to do, I will be allowed to do it.

Shekhar Suman on working in 'Heeramandi': 'It is never a comeback' - India  Today
What would you like to say to your fans?

In today's time, fans have become a little harsh and they lash out on social media. An actor, who has a particularly delicate heart, gets shaken by such things but is also moved by small praises. Your little praise and encouragement take us miles. You can criticize work but it would probably be better if you don't criticize someone's personal life. If you continue to receive love at the professional level, your courage doubles. Keep your love like this and thank you all very much for supporting me for so long.

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