Payal Malik's Eviction on the Second Week of Big Boss OTT

Interview: Payal Malik, one of the famous trio of Arman, Kritika, and Payal, rose to fame as an internet sensation as the result of the nature of their relationship with each other, i.e. polyamorous Marriage.

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Payal Malik's Eviction on the Second Week of Big Boss OTT
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Payal Malik, one of the famous trio of Arman, Kritika, and Payal, rose to fame as an internet sensation as the result of the nature of their relationship with each other, i.e. polyamorous Marriage.

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Evicted Contestant Speaks Out on Unfair Eviction and House Dynamics

She shares her views on the situation right now inside the house and she got evicted wrongly because of the contestant inside as she is getting enough votes from the audience. She feels that this was an unfair eviction. She shares her opinion on the contestant and what she found their behavior to be like.

Whom do you feel to be likely to vote for you for the eviction?
First of all. It's Deepak Chaurasia Ji as he was the first one to get me on the nomination list and then it’s Naezy Bhai, however, I am not holding any grudges against him as on tomorrow’s episode, he revealed that he is regretful of the fact that Payal got evicted because of me, the sorrow or regret which was there in my heart regarding Naezy Bhai got cleared out, his self-realization made that happen. However, in the case of Deepak Ji, I wasn’t a tad bit surprised as he already had a pre-conceived about the three of us, that we three would have a concluded game plan and all our decisions and votes would be collaborative. He never saw us as individuals and he never respected the fact that we can be present in this game as individuals.

What will be your opinion on Neeraj Goyat’s thoughts about Deepak Chaurasia as a strong Contestant?
I feel like Deepak Ji is very experienced and he has seen many facets of lives that we may not yet have seen, the reason being his medical condition of being in the wheelchair is making him fall behind his full potential. He has to always be bedridden and it takes 2-3 people to even take him to the medical room. I feel that if he had been called to the next season of BIGBOSS OTT rather than this season, then he may have given a much better effort and would also have won the show!

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Could you present your opinion on the dynamics of Armaan and Shivani Kumari?
Shivani met us, me and Armaan two years back at our grand wedding which was my dream. She had around 2 million Subscribers on YouTube at that time and we had invited her to our wedding. And from that time onwards she had known us.

What will be your thoughts on Armaan’s statement for Shivani?
First, I would like to clarify that, Shivani whom we knew before coming into the game isn’t here anymore she has changed. She had made up her mind and strategized in such a way that she could be seen more in the house and that is how she is playing. She always marginalizes her language so that people are unable to understand her, and then she pretends to be a kid and is childish in nature, I would like to clear this rumor, Guys please understand that she isn’t a kid, she is responsible to run her house and no small kid can be allowed into the Bigboss house we all know this. Bigboss only gives a chance to a person who is well deserved and able to survive in the house and win! The way she doesn’t respect and talks in an ill manner to Armaan Ji, Ranveer Ji, Kritika, and me, each person is older than her and she doesn’t respect any of us.

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Many people believe that she is trying to copy the game plan of the previous season's contestant Manisha Rani and trying to woo the audience, what would be your take on this?
Manisha Rani’s every step brought positive effects on how she played and showcased herself in Bigboss. They do have a similar accent, however, we can’t compare them at all as Manisha has a sweet nature on the other hand Shivani is dominating everyone that is coming her way! 

What is your reaction to the rumors about your relationship that are facing trolling on the OTT platform?
I understand the complexity of our relationship and how society doesn’t react to it well. The situation that prevailed over us was such that we decided to part ways and stay away from each other for about 2 years. However, the will to be together brought us back to life and now it is stronger than ever! However, on the contrary, I would like to clarify that we don’t support polyamory for anyone! This practice was made as a mistake by Armaan Ji and he is aware of it. People are putting words in our mouths that we support polyamory, on the contrary, we don’t support it, and we urge everyone that please not to get into it as the understanding and love we share is hard to find between two women sharing a husband nowadays!

As you mentioned about your struggles in the marriage, during your stay in the Bigboss house those were repeated again and again, how would you like to forward from here on?
All of us had forgotten and moved ahead from those tough times and we don’t plan to recollect them ever. However, some emotions are bound to be etched in your heart forever, the same goes for the situation we faced at that time! All of us Armaan ji, Kritika, and I faced different sets of emotions, and sometimes when it gets a bit harder and deeper we all get emotional. We don’t want to talk about it or even discuss it further!

As of now, you are out of the house and back to your children, but how much are you missing Armaan Ji?
I am out of the house however Armaan has Kritika inside with him to support him and won’t be missing him at all as I will be streaming him 24 hours and will be watching all the episodes that will be coming on. I will be there to support him outside the house. The audience gave me so much love and support, I know that this wasn’t the reason for my eviction. Lastly, I would like to say, please support and love Armaan and Kritika so that they can survive this game and you will get to know their personality if they’re genuine or not!


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