Rab se hai Dua: "I am an actor and not just a TV actor..." Dheeraj Dhoopar

Dheeraj Dhoopar, who started his career with commercial ads, entered acting by playing the character of Ansh in the serial 'Maat Pita Ke Charan Mein'.

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 Dheeraj Dhoopar
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Dheeraj Dhoopar, who started his career with commercial ads, entered acting by playing the character of Ansh in the serial 'Maat Pita Ke Charan Mein'. Dhoopar is known for playing the character of Prem Bhardwaj in the serial 'Sasural Simar Ka'. Dhoopar's most famous show till now has been 'Kundali Bhagya' where his character Karan Luthra was liked a lot by the audience. Let us tell you that Dhoopar will now be seen in the role of Subhan Siddiqui in the Zee TV show 'Rab Se Hai Dua' after the leap.


The audience has not forgotten your character of Karan Luthra, and now you are returning to Zee TV with a new character in a new show. What would you like to say about this?

But I am very happy to be back, I feel like I had gone on a short vacation and now I am back home. It feels great to shoot with the same team. When I come to a shoot and see familiar faces, I feel happy to see them and they are happy to see me. Only a positive feeling makes a show and its artist great. Karan Luthra was and still is an iconic character. The character of Karan Luthra has been the biggest character of my career. I am trying, I am working very hard, and I will give my whole heart that Subhan Siddiqui gets as much love as Karan Luthra got. Fans are super excited, I keep reading their tweets on Twitter. Fans are ready to love Subhan Siddiqui like Karan Luthra.

How different is Subhan's character from your other characters?

This character is very different from other characters. Subhan is a character who strongly believes in family values. Whatever his parents have taught him, whatever religion teaches him, he believes in all those things. There is another side to it also. She is a Rockstar who has a huge female fan following. Balancing these two things in one character was challenging for me as an actor. I think I will do well because the creative team and director of the show are very good. The best thing about the show is that Rab Se Hai Dua is already a very popular show, which already has a fan base that we together have to expand.


 Dheeraj Dhoopar

Social issues and women's issues are being talked about in the promo, so tell us something about the storyline of the show.

I was very excited when I came to know that through this show we are giving a message to society. I also believe that all the rules and laws that have been made in life have been made so that society can benefit from them. If anyone tries to take advantage of that thing at any stage then it is not good for society. Through this show, we want to convey the message to people that they should not take advantage of anything.

What made you say yes to this show?

I have never played a Muslim character before. Learning his mannerisms, his way of speaking, his accent, all this was very new for me. I had never even played a rock star before. Just like I am a family person, Subhan's character is similar in real life and both of them have similar thinking regarding family.

In one of your recent interviews, you said that “Talent should not be judged based on hits and flops”. What would you like to say about this statement?

 Dheeraj Dhoopar


I think I said that because I believe that the show does not run because of one person but the show runs because of the entire unit. When a show becomes a hit, it takes everyone's hard work. When a show is a hit, everyone should get credit for it, similarly when a show flops, everyone should get credit for it. When my shows 'Saubhagyavati Bhava' and 'Sherdil Shergill' flopped, people started saying that Dheeraj Dhoopar's show flopped. Why is it that only the actors get heard when a show flops? And that's why I feel that when a show becomes a hit, everyone should get credit for it. I believe that if I gave five hit shows but the next two shows did not work, it does not mean that I performed less as an actor or worked less hard.

The show is talking about social issues and women's empowerment, so have you noticed anything in society that you think should change?

I have not seen any such issues around me, but I believe that what a woman can do, a man cannot do, and I celebrate this wholeheartedly. I have seen my mother, my sister-in-law, my sister, and my wife and realize that managing a household is a huge responsibility. Being a homemaker is a very tough job. We come here, work for 12 hours, and then go, but to take care of the house, family, and children, we have to work 24 hours and apart from a woman, no one else can do this work so well. Could. I feel that God has not given as much patience to a man as he has given to a woman that is why I respect women a lot.


 Dheeraj Dhoopar

What would you like to say to your fans?

I would say that I have got a lot of support from the fans, no matter what I have done, they have always supported me. I have always seen that no one has ever judged me. Even when I did OTT, people praised it a lot. I do not consider any medium as small or big. When I did OTT, I had said that I would do TV again and when I started getting offers to do TV again, I did TV. Along with TV, I am also doing OTT. As an actor, I want to create a space for myself where I can work on all platforms. I want to work everywhere because I am an actor and not just a TV actor.

Must watch 'Rab Se Hai Dua'. I hope you will give it the same love and trust me as an actor. I promise you that I will keep entertaining you like this.


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