Saloni Batra on Future Projects and Animal Sequel Updates

Saloni Batra, who played the role of Ranbir Kapoor's sister in the film Animal, who also came to be known as Animal's sister after the film, has done films like 'Soni', 'And Taish' before Animal.

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Saloni Batra Interview

Saloni Batra Interview

Will the film Animal 2 come? What did animal actress Saloni Batra say about this?

Saloni Batra, who played the role of Ranbir Kapoor's sister in the film Animal, who also came to be known as Animal's sister after the film, has done films like 'Soni', 'And Taish' before Animal. Let us tell you what Saloni has to say about the film and her upcoming projects...

You have made your name with one project, you are getting so much love from the public, and how do you see your journey?

I think it took me some time to reach the journey but I think my hard work paid off. During this entire journey, I was slowly preparing myself with my experience so that one day I could work with such big superstars. This experience was very useful for me. I am very grateful that I got this opportunity.

Saloni Batra & Ranvir Kapoor
How did this character come to you, how did you become a part of this film, would you like to tell us something about it?

Sandeep sir saw my earlier works, I had worked in films like 'Soni', and 'And Taish' and he saw me there, after that, he called me for a meeting. He initially wanted me to play elder parts but when he met me and saw me, he told me that you can even play a nineteen-year-old character, you look so young. I then told him that Sir, it would be like the fulfillment of my dream that I get to play that character in this film from young to old. It is an artiste's dream when you play different stages of life of the same character, because in such a situation the artiste has more opportunity to explore, and you can also experiment with that character.

How it was to work and share the screen with big stars like Anil Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor, were you nervous before the shoot?

This is a big thing for me. I consider myself lucky that I got this opportunity. Sandeep sir had full faith in me, he had seen my previous work, called me for a meeting, and finalized me for the role without even auditioning me. I have worked very hard to reach here. You get nervous when you are working with such a senior actor, but everyone was so nice that we never felt like we were out of place. While working with him, I never felt that I would not be able to do this. Ranbir, Anil sir, all are very giving actors. When you have such good actors in front of you, it becomes a little easier for you to do this work. The nervousness that was there, in the beginning, went away within two days, and after that, we did not even realize that we were working with such big actors, we had become like a family. There was a very friendly bonding between us, we talked about many things apart from the film. It never felt as if we were working with him for the first time and he was such a big superstar. Everyone together had made the work easier. Sandeep sir had clarity as to what he wanted in the scene. And what do they want from which character? His direction was very good, it made the work very easy. We did rehearsals and readings, and that made it easier for us to understand what changes would happen in which character at which point in life. This was a very beautiful process.

The film has been a huge success, the film is still in theatres. What do you think was the special thing behind the success of this film?

The captain of this ship was Sandeep Sir. He was very clear in his mind what story he had to tell. His vision is very clear. When the vision is clear, you see it on the screen. He knew how to play in emotional scenes. He knows very well how to reach the audience. The audience has liked everything in the film. This film is a complete package of entertainment and everyone likes it very much.

The audience was desperate to see this film after the trailer.

He showed the audience just enough in the trailer to make them want to watch the film and come to the theatre.

Is Animal 2 coming?

I can't say anything about it. I will also be waiting to shoot it.

Bobby Deol's character has received a lot of appreciation, what would you like to say about it?

I just wish I would have got a chance to work with him or get a chance to do a scene with that character. That character was written so beautifully, and the way he played that character was amazing. His character was very funny. However, he cannot come to the animal park because he dies at the hands of Ranvijay. I found his character very flavorful.

Would you like to tell us something about your upcoming projects?

I have two shows coming up, one is called 'Gaanth' which has been directed by Kanishk Verma, and I am playing the role of a cop in it. The name of the second show is 'Khalbaali Records' which was directed by Devanshu Singh, and in this, I am playing the role of a CEO, and this character is very glamorous. Ram Kapoor has played the role of my father in this show. I am working with RSVP on another anthology, which is directed by Alankrita Srivastava.

What would you like to say to the fans?

Thank you very much for loving our film ‘Animal’ and also for loving my character. Keep watching my work like this. Your love is very much needed, keep your love on me like this, and also watch Animal Park which will come soon.


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