Shruti and Megha Discuss Chemistry in New Venture 'Mishri'

Interview: Many stories are presented on TV that involve two counters parts and none yet is there which involves two female leads who are not sisters by relation.

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Shruti and Megha Discuss Chemistry in New Venture 'Mishri'
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They share how excited and elated they are about their new show and how it's different from any other story that is seen on TV—the bond their characters share and how their good-natured ribbing the story takes pace.

Many stories are presented on TV that involve two counters parts and none yet is there which involves two female leads who are not sisters by relation.

TV Lacks Stories with Two Female Leads Who Aren't Sisters

Please say a few things about the show to let the audience know about it and get acknowledged about it.

We are very excited about the show. This is also her (Shruti Bisht) first show so she is elated and nervous. (Shruti) Isn’t it not clear by my facial expression, how excited I am? (Megha) Me and I are equally excited as I am playing a different role than in any of the shows I have played to date. I am sure that my friends and my fans will love me this time as well.

Shruti, could you please let the audience know how Mishri will be connecting to the audience?

Mishri is a lovable girl, and I am very much in awe of this character! If you watch ahead in the story you will get to know how her traits are such that everyone will connect to her in one way or another. The audience will enjoy her character! She is a simple girl will a heart of gold!

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What are the ambitions of Mishri that she will be seen fulfilling along her journey?

There is a particular dream of hers, that she wants to achieve for her father! She wants to complete her education to become independent in her life and take care of her father. And everyone including Vaani Didi (Megha’s character) will be helping her to do so. (Megha) Of course, we will be helping her out on this journey, as she is facing struggles, and not everyone in her family is supporting her as you guys have seen in the promo itself. The journey of her struggle and facing hurdles, how she meets me, and how our bond evolves is the gist of the show itself. The Mishri of life and how it blossoms!

Megha, we have seen you in a plethora of shows playing many different characters, how is this character different which led you to go ahead and do this show?

The reason is- if I have to consider just my last show which was IIMLY, the character I played was soft-spoken and mellow in nature, her character was a bit Desi in style. On the contrary Vaani, the character I am playing in the show is an outspoken, headstrong, and modern girl, she is obstinate in nature, is also possessive of each of her relations, and can do anything to protect them! Coming to look, this time I am not having any traditional attire on my look and it will be refreshing for my audience as well as my friends to watch me this time.

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The partnership that we see in this interview, will be there in the show as well?

(Megha)Yes absolutely yes… the audience has seen chemistry and bonds between opposite gender roles, however, this show will be a refreshing take on that, rather than a romantic take on the relationship, the audience will get to see a bond between two female leads who are not bonded by blood, rather by love! (Shruti) Yes yes, I would like to copy and paste my answer as Megha Didi said…. Ha-ha!!

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As we can see the bond you share is a reflection of your character or it’s the natural bond you share organically?

This is us organically and yes this is helping us a lot in shoots this is also how the characters are! We still ought to film some scenes which will show our bond and this warmness between us will help us further on!

Is there any message from your end to the fans?

(Both in unison) Yes!! You will have to watch Mishri every day and give us love and support!! Every day at 8.30 pm only on Colors!

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