Shruti found it challenging to do an intimate scene in Heeramandi

Shruti Sharma, who started her career with India Next Superstar in 2018, has made a name for herself in everything from television to films. Shruti has made a name for herself in television with shows

By Shilpa Patil
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Shruti found it challenging to do an intimate scene in Heeramandi
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Shruti Sharma, who started her career with India Next Superstar in 2018, has made a name for herself in everything from television to films. Shruti has made a name for herself in television with shows like 'gathbandhan', 'Nazar', 'Yeh Jadoo Hai Jinn Ka', and 'Namak Ishq Ka'. Shruti started her film career with the Telugu film 'Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya', after which she gave a boost to her film career by working in the Hindi film 'Pagglait'. Along with this, recently Shruti played the character of Saima in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Netflix series 'Heeramandi', this character of Shruti got a lot of love from the audience and her acting was also praised a lot. Working with a veteran director like Sanjay Leela Bhansali in such a short span of her career shows Shruti's acting proficiency. Let us tell you what Shruti says about the experience of working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

How are you feeling after playing such an important role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's project?

It is a matter of great fortune for me to be able to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali in the early stages of my career. Every actor wishes in his life that he gets a chance to work with Sanjay Sir and especially gets a chance to become his heroine. When I came to know that I was a part of their series, I was on cloud nine.

How has your experience working with Sanjay Sir?

It was very amazing. He is a very intelligent director, we all know that he is a very amazing and good director. Even words fall short in his praise. His team was very dedicated and focused. They gave me a very warm welcome and treated me very lovingly because everyone liked Saima very much. My experience of working with him was very good. This was like a dream come true for me.

Heeramandi's Shruti Sharma: 'Got rashes after filming intimate scenes' -  India Today

From television, you are now visible on OTT. How do you see this journey of yours?

I think it is not easy for me to express this experience of mine in words. I might have said in many interviews that I have to work with Sanjay Sir once in my career because he is my only favorite director. Made my OTT debut with Sanjay sir, what more do you need in life now?

Saima's character is bold. You also gave intimate scenes in the series, so how were you prepared for those scenes?

All the colors of a girl are there in Saima. The relationship between Saima and Iqbal is that both are in love. Their love is not new, they have been in a relationship for a long time, and hence their scenes were also like that. There are only three to four scenes of both of them in the series, but in those scenes, we had to show how much they both love each other. Iqbal can go to such an extent for Saima that he starts gambling so that he can collect money and rescue Saima from Heeramandi. No one will believe that I and the person playing the character of Iqbal had met only once or twice before that scene. Whenever we have met, it has happened on the set only. He is a very professional, focused, and method actor regarding his work. Maybe that's why it was easy for me to show the chemistry of Saima and Iqbal because they were doing their work, I was doing my work and then our magic happened.

Heeramandi  actress Shruti Sharma

Did you face any challenges while playing the character of Saima?

No, nothing was challenging because Sanjay sir was there and he made things easy for all of us. I wouldn't say that it was challenging because we have done romance before. The choreography was a bit difficult and that was from the technical aspect. We also had to keep in mind that we should maintain the mood of the scene and work well because Sanjay sir was watching so we did not want to disappoint him. We endeavored to ensure that Sanjay Sir gets the work he wants from us. During the entire Heeramandi, there was only one romance scene which was a little difficult for me, that too from the technical aspect.

According to you, what is the special thing about this show which people like this show so much and give it so much love?

First of all, this is Sanjay Leela Bhansali's project and the whole world waits for Sanjay Sir's new project. The vision he has is amazing, the way he makes his actresses look beautiful, no one else can do it. He is exactly like a magician, seeing the way he portrays history on screen, one never feels bored. These are all reasons to visit Heeramandi.

The character you played in Heeramandi and your acting is being appreciated a lot, how are you feeling?

Feeling very good. During these two years that I have given to Heeramandi, I must have prayed every day, every moment that the way all the directors have tried to show the character of Saima, she should look the same when she comes on screen, and people Like my work. I am getting more than I thought and I am very grateful for that.

There are many great actresses in the series. How was the experience of working with them?

All of them are amazing actresses and very professional actresses. When you are on Sanjay sir's set, there is nothing else except work. It is not known how the 12 hours of the day pass there. Everyone on the set works very closely. All the actresses who are in a big position today are very humble and were working with focus. What I learned from all of them is that no matter where you reach, you should be very honest with your work.

Tell us something about your upcoming projects.

I am very happy that you all gave me so much love. There will be some more projects coming, just wait a bit. I will try my best and hope that you will love me in the future also, just like you have loved my other characters and Saima. I will never disappoint you with my work.

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