The upcoming week of Superstar Singer 3 is going to be interesting

Interview: Season 3 of Sony Entertainment Television's singing reality show Superstar Singer is going on. There are five captains along with Super Judge Neha,

By Shilpa Patil
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The upcoming week of Superstar Singer 3 is going to be interesting
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Season 3 of Sony Entertainment Television's singing reality show Superstar Singer is going on. There are five captains along with super judge Neha, which include Pawandeep, Arunita, Sayali, Salman, and Danish. Superstar Season 3 started on 9 March 2024. Let us tell you what these four little contestants of the show have to say about the show and the upcoming episodes. These four little contestants are Shubh, Khushi Nagar, Devi, and Atharva Bakshi.

Bappi Lahiri's special episode happened, would you like to share some special memories related to it?

Would you like to share any special memories from Bappi Lahiri's special episode? Atharva- Both the episodes of this week were very good and it was a lot of fun to shoot. This week, one episode was Bappi Lahiri special and the other episode was Boys vs Girls. In Bappi ji special, all of us had fun types of songs. In this episode, we all danced a lot because this episode was very good. The second episode was Girls vs Boys and you will see who won in that episode. Both the episodes were a lot of fun. In Bappi Lahiri special, his grandson Bappa Lahiri came and from him, we got to know about some memories of Bappi Lahiri. Bappi ji had a tradition that whenever he used to go to any show, he used to give a gold chain to the one who was the best there. This week also the same thing happened, the one who sang the best got a gold chain and you can see in the show who got that chain.
Devi- It was a lot of fun to shoot both the episodes. In Bappi Da Special, we paid tribute to Bappi Da by singing his songs. In the Girls vs Boys episode, you can watch on TV who won and who lost.

Shubh- Terence Sir and Geeta Ma’am came in Boys vs Girls Special. There is also a special moment with Terence Sir in that episode which you will get to see in the show. We had a lot of fun doing the Boys vs Girls episode. Bappi Da Special had a party vibe and Boys vs Girls had a war vibe.
Khushi- Both the episodes were very good and the audience will also like it a lot. In Bappi Da Special, everyone's songs were party and disco. We got the experience of singing these songs. We had to work a little hard to get the kind of vocals needed to sing these songs. The Girls vs Boys episode was also very good and you all will also enjoy watching it.

How tough was it for you all to sing Bappi Da's songs and how challenging was this episode for you all?

Khushi- I sang a medley and it required a heavy voice and it was a bit tough for me to do it. This experience was also very good and we have tried to make it liked by the audience. We have just tried to sing the song in the voice in which Bappi Da has sung it.
Atharva- All episodes are very challenging because we have less time to practice all the songs. The tunes of old songs are also very difficult and their lyrics are also very difficult to remember. There are difficulties in performing old songs but it is also equally fun. I sang a Ghazal-type song in Bappi Ji Special and this experience was also very good.

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Shubh- Old songs have a lot of nuances and they are tough songs. We have tried very hard to perform this song well even in less time. The old songs had two to three stanzas and each had different lyrics. All have different tunes and different lyrics, so it takes some time to memorize them all. We have tried to do all the songs well and we have enjoyed the episode a lot.
Devi- I have a little problem with the language but now I can speak Hindi well. I sang both the songs very well. I enjoyed both episodes a lot.

If Geeta Maa and Terence come in the Girls vs Boys episode, will the audience get to see all of you dance along with the song? Would you like to say something about Geeta Maa and Terence Sir?

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Atharva- Only one of them will dance but to know whose dance it will be you will have to watch the show. I am a big fan of Geeta Maa and Terence Sir. I have followed IBD completely. Geeta Maa is a lot of fun, she has a lot of fun all the time. Terence Sir is very passionate about his work. He is very sweet and in between the shoot he was giving us something to eat. We enjoyed shooting with them.

Will the audience get to see a lot of fun and games in Girls vs Boys?

Devi- There was a lot of energy in both the girls and boys and we were all giving tough competition to each other. The color of the girls was red and the color of the boys was blue and we were singing songs in front of each other in the boxing ring.
Khushi- It is not that we all fight in real. In reality, we are all friends and help each other and live well.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Shubh- It is because of the audience that we can stay on this journey. On behalf of all of us, we would like to thank all the fans. We would like to say that keep giving love to Superstar Singer like this and watch Superstar Singer every week on Saturday and Sunday from 8 pm to 9:30 pm and keep showering love like this.

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