"Yes, I am an expression queen."... Mannara Chopra

Superstar Priyanka Chopra's cousin Mannara Chopra was one of the top 3 contestants of Bigg Boss 17. Mannara Chopra, famous for her expression and outspoken style, has done films in Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada languages.

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Yes I am an expression queen Mannara Chopra

Superstar Priyanka Chopra's cousin Mannara Chopra was one of the top 3 contestants of Bigg Boss 17. Mannara Chopra, famous for her expression and outspoken style, has done films in Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada languages. Mannara, who made her debut in 2014 with the Telugu film 'Prema Geema Jantha Nai', has made her name with the Hindi film 'Zid'. Along with films, Mannara has also worked in web series and music videos. Mannara has two upcoming films, one in Telugu and the other in Punjabi.

Mannara Chopra...

Your Bigg Boss journey has been very good, you have received a lot of support from the fans. What did you expect from this journey?

I thank you very much to the whole of India. India has given me a lot of love. I came to know that everyone liked my journey very much. Everyone is saying that I was very natural inside the house. I am very excited that I topped among the girls, it is a different matter that the boys got a little ahead but I am the winner among the girls.

What would you like to say about Ankita Ji?

Ankita knew about the game. She has also been a fan of Bigg Boss. And she had come as a couple with Vicky Bhai. I had gone there alone. I had a lot of fun inside the Bigg Boss house. These three months were very fun and like a holiday for me. I consider myself very grateful that I have beaten Ankita Ji in this game.

Vicky dominates Ankita

It is being said that you have reached the top 5 because of Munawar. What would you like to say about this?

It sometimes happens that I get there because of him. My own game was also very strong, and I am an entertainer. I have always heard only good things from Salman Sir on Weekend War. Whenever there have been abuses, Sir has also explained about them. I have been selected for Bigg Boss because of my personality, and if I have become friends with Munawar, then he has also become friends with me. Friendship is never one-sided.

Initially, the friendship between you and Munawar was going well but later people started feeling that you were using Munawar for your convenience. What would you like to say about this?

To be honest, I am a very emotional person in real life. When I consider someone my friend, I consider him a part of my family. Munawar has helped me a lot. Initially, nothing was known about Bigg Boss. Being there and watching it on TV is very different. I'm so grateful he was there. Apart from them, there were many other people, whom I call my parents, they were all there like Tehelka Bhai, Arun Bhai, and many more people. Everyone supported me and gave me a lot. There were some fights but apart from that everything was fine. If some people feel that I was maintaining friendships there at my convenience, then I want to tell them that I should not even work as per convenience. Even in real life, I do only the work that I like. I don't think that I have made or changed friendships in the Bigg Boss house at my convenience.

Munawar Faruqui

Munawar considered you as his friend but you have also been heard saying bad things about him behind his back. What would you like to say about this?

I simply say that I am not a perfect girl. Whatever I am, I am like this. If I talk to someone for a long time and talk about someone else, I don't think it's wrong. We do this in real life too. I feel that I have maintained a very good friendship with them, now it remains to be seen whether they maintain their friendship outside the house or not.

You became very emotional after the press conference. Your fans believe that the press conference was biased. What do you have to say about it?

I have done most of the interviews regarding films in Hyderabad only. Before the press conference, I was very happy because I felt that there they would ask about the experience inside the house. I was scared by the kind of questions being asked there, and the way questions were being asked to Vicky Bhai, I was feeling very strange. Because I had formed a good bond with Vicky Bhai. When Munawar’s outside relations came into the house, only Vicky Bhai, Isha, and Samarth were with me. So I was feeling bad for them and also for myself.

Vicky and Ankita

Will you remain friends with Vicky and Ankita outside the house?

I am very fond of talking, so I can talk anywhere. If he has no problem in talking to me then why would I refuse?

People believe that you did not get success with Munawar, hence you took the help of Vicky. What would you like to say about this?

Oh no! He cooks pulses very well. He was very fond of cooking in the show. He cooks very good dal in the cooker. I think the format of the show was such that I became emotional.

Priyanka Chopra supported you in this journey, what would you like to say about it?

Mimi didi, thank you very much for supporting me. You supported me, which means I maintained the honor of myself and my family on the show. Lots of love to Malti from my side.


Parineeti Chopra has not posted a single post for you, would you like to say something?

You should ask him this.

Mannara, you are called expression queen, would you like to say something about this?

Yes, I am an expression queen.

Munawar is the winner of Bigg Boss 17, so are you happy about this?

Yes, I am happy. I want to wish him all the best for his future life. Now that he has come out victorious, it is expected that he will restart his life and make it better.


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