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Kaash Main Maharani Rekha Ke Darbaar Mein Ek Chhota Sa Shaayar Hota


The more I write about Rekha , the more she inspires me to write about her . ….And now and how I wish I was an unknown shaayar in her darbaar who would spend all his life writing poetry for her , about her and about the mysteries of her being the ravishing and miraculous woman she has been for the last half a century- Ali Peter John

This morning , I had still to make up my mind whether to wake up or not when my mobile rang and it was the voice of my dear and young friend Zain Hussain from Dubai who is the only man whose calls I take in the early parts of the morning .

Zain was sounding all excited when he told me about a video he had sent to me . His description about Rekha singing that mind blowing song from “Umrao Jaan” led me to listen to the song in the original voice of Rekha. And then I kept listening to Rekha singing several times.

She is as usual dressed up like a dream that cannot fade away . There is that constant gajra in her hair .

There are the most exotic ornaments giving that royal touch to a queen and surprisingly there is no mehdi or the famous sindoor in her hair and believe it or not even God would have been bowled over by her face and eyes which looked younger and filled with the flush of love which was still waiting for the lover to fill her life with .

The anchors and the audience look as if they have been transported into another world ruled by Rekha .

Some of the anchors go berserk and find it DIFFICULT to do the right things with their hands and and their faces and a audience looks as if it is in a trance and to me it looks that even heaven has taken a break to listen to the eternal woman sing.

Rekha starts singing the song from ” Umrao Jaan” , a film which was what it become mainly because of Rekha’s performance , the lyrics of the poet Shahryaar and the everlasting music of Khayyam .

There have been other and younger actresses who have dared to play Umrao Jaan , but little did those innocent women know that it was a role made only for Rekha who had the spirit of Umrao Jaan living in her.

It is naturally the most favourite song of Rekha and she has given all credit for the songs in Umrao Jaan sung for her by Asha Bhosle .

She has always considered Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle as her idols, . I wish the two legends would have listened to Rekha singing that song.

Rekha sits before a harmonioum and her bejewelled fingers start moving on it and there is the fragrance of love found and lost in the atmosphere.

The atmosphere grows heavenly when she sings the line, “:Ishq ka har rasm nibhaaya hamne ” and then there is an emotional charged silence when she sings , Justaju thi jiska woh toh nahi mil paaya hame” and the audience is lost in a time when love ruled without any rules and I can feel Rekha lost in her own world of love where she still lives without being disturbed by any power or any other kind of love .

Rekha then sees scenes from her own love story ( this is strictly my imagination about the condition she is in ) when she sings the line ” Umr ka lamba safar tai kiya hamne tanhaayi mein and finishes the song with the line , ” magar bas ishq mein hamne duniya ko jaana “.

The anchors and the audience give her a standing ovation , but that is hardly anything to present the woman who is the greatest gift herself.

If Rekha can do this when she is nearing 70 , I find it extremely DIFFICULT to describe this amazing woman in words.