Bombay HC: Return ₹50 Lakhs to Prernaa Arora After 2023 Acquittal

"Bombay High Court Issues Second Favorable Order for Prernaa Arora, Directs Return of ₹50 Lakhs Deposited by Her Father in 2019 Post Covid Following Her 2023 Acquittal in Dispute with Pooja Films"

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Bombay HC Return ₹50 Lakhs to Prernaa Arora After 2023 Acquittal
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The famous film producer Prernaa Arora secured a second favorable order from the Bombay High Court for the release of Rs. 50 lakhs deposited by her father in the year 2019. Also amicably as per Order passed by the Hon’ble Bombay High Court on 30th April 2024, the Hon’ble Court directed for release of this amount to her father. The underlying reason for this Order is the fact that the 5-year-old dispute between Ms Prernaa Arora and Pooja Films was already settled amicably in 2023 and so, the Court ordered for release of this money to its rightful owner.

For the First time, Mr. Virender Arora (father of Prernaa Arora) shared his side & Gratitude: 

"First and foremost, I extend my deepest gratitude to the Honorable High Court for demonstrating that justice is accessible to every Indian citizen, regardless of their status. Over the past five years, my family has upheld its dignity, choosing silence over retaliation amidst numerous unfounded allegations and considerable speculation. The truth has finally prevailed, marking a triumph of justice.

We are profoundly thankful for this compensation, which acknowledges the time, life, and suffering our family has endured. While no compensation can truly make up for the pain we have experienced, this judgment is a significant acknowledgment of our ordeal. Perhaps, in time, divine providence will offer further solace, but today’s verdict will be remembered as a significant milestone in our legal system.

I am immensely appreciative of the faith we placed in our legal framework, confident that it would recognize and vindicate our plight. Today, that belief has been vindicated. We Got the justice, and for this, I am thankful to everyone involved."

Prerna is currently extremely busy in her two film projects – ‘Dunk’ and Telugu film ‘Hero Heeroine’, set to release next year 2025.

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