Celebrities react to Ayesha Takia being trolled; Leave her alone, they say

Ayesha Takia took to social media to air her disappointment at being trolled after she was recently photographed at the airport. In the story that she shared, she spoke about how people still expected her to look the way she looked in her teens,

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Celebrities react to Ayesha Takia being trolled; Leave her alone, they say

Ayesha Takia took to social media to air her disappointment at being trolled after she was recently photographed at the airport. In the story that she shared, she spoke about how people still expected her to look the way she looked in her teens, and how she had no interest in coming back to films. Celebrities talk about being trolled, and how they handle such situations.

Nikhil Nanda

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I feel once you are in the public eye you will always be in the public eye even if you choose to have a private life after that. Yes, I don't agree to the fact that trolls should do what they do. But once you are in the public eye you should get more immune and a little more mentally prepared that you would always be judged and people will make comments about everything from your looks to what you are doing not doing, drinking, having kids, family everything would be judged so you should be mentally prepared.

Nivedita Basu


Yes, I've been hearing about this Ayesha Takia case where people have been trolling about how she looks or what is she up to. And I think it's such a personal thing. We've had kids and our bodies change, or hormonal issues crop up, and sometimes you just want to enjoy this phase without having to get psyched about losing weight and looking your best. I mean, what about these thin women and they all look the same, where is the character, I think it's all your heart, your karmas that will overshadow any external beauty of being size zero or not having done Botox. If she wants to be like this, let her be. Of course, there is pressure in this industry about how you look what you wear, and what you do, but I think you mentally need to be very, very strong. 95% of the people are not able to take that pressure and succumb to that we have to look good, we have to look and half the conversation of women is only surrounded losing weight and what they look at and what they do. There was a time in my younger days when I also used to get teased for having this conversation. But now I think I'm in a safer space. I mean, work gets prioritized and that's about it. So they want to not get pressured because of all this.

Shivangi Verma


No, this will never stop because you cannot shut off anybody's mouth. People talk crap 100% every time every post every second. When there are gross comments. I block them and delete them. But I try to ignore most of them.

Eklavya Sood


 I don't know if body shaming would ever stop or trolling, we all have to make peace with such things. We just individually need to be comfortable in our skin. If we have that security in ourselves, I think whatever other people say, doesn't matter, it should not matter to you. I think body shaming or trolling and judgment is wrong as any other thing. The first thing as a society that we need to sort of uplift is body positivity. It doesn't matter if I as an actor have six-pack abs or eight-pack abs or flat or if I have a little belly or if I'm a little fat. I think as a society, we need to focus on the positive parts that there are individuals are different shapes, sizes, and colours, and all are humans and we should not judge them on these kinds anyway.

Monika Singh

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I totally understand where Ayesha Takia is coming from. It's unfortunate that celebrities often face relentless judgment and trolling, especially when it comes to their appearance. It's important to remember that celebrities, just like anyone else, go through natural changes as they age, and it's unfair to expect them to look the same way they did in their teens. I don't personally experience the same level of judgment and trolling as other celebrities do. However, I can imagine that it can be challenging to deal with such comments. It's important to have a strong support system and to focus on self-acceptance and self-love. Try surrounding yourself with positive influences and ignoring the negativity can help cope with it.

Yashashri Masurkar

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Thankfully paps don’t follow me yet so I am safe but yes as an actor/ public figure you are always recognised by people and they expect you to look a certain way. But criticising someone like this is unacceptable. Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker was criticised for looking old. Our looks, and appearances will change with time and people who choose to age gracefully should get as much respect as your ‘young forever’ actors get. Earlier I used to take this personally nowadays I don’t take it to heart, just smile at them and talk nicely…It’s me who has to remember they associate with my reel character or a certain image. I am not liable to live up to it.

Gurpreet Singh

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Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect, regardless of their appearance. It's disheartening to see individuals, including celebrities like Ayesha Takia, facing unnecessary trolling and judgment. We should focus on fostering a culture of acceptance and celebrating diversity rather than perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards. As a TV actor, I believe in the power of positivity, and I encourage fans to embrace kindness and understanding. Let's contribute to a world where everyone feels valued for who they are, beyond their physical appearance.

Simple Kaul

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Yes, people comment on us all the time. But that never bothers me because I don’t get affected by how much I am being judged. I am too comfortable in my skin and how I look today. I have always been careful of my weight and the way I look. But obviously, we all will age and obviously we all will look different and it’s alright to look the way we look now. We should just learn to laugh it over.

Vaquar Shaikh

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People judge you continuously, not only your fans or people who know you, Everyone who is around you is always judging you. I feel that people in India worship these personalities in cinema and television and they expect them to be in a certain shape, they probably don't want their heroes or heroines to grow old. That is wrong because they are humans too and they will also pass through the age test. Its’ wrong to judge them by physical appearance rather than their body of work. This needs to stop as you don't know how much that affects someone mentally. Putting on weight and everything depends on a lot of things. Especially actresses, who have delivered a child and become mothers, they give so much from their bodies to bring that child in the world. You cannot expect her to look the same way after what her body has gone through. The same is true for men as well. Age shows on our bodies. The need for us is that we keep getting better at our craft and skills.

Abhinandan Jindal

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This kind of relentless trolling shows that the mentality of people is so negative. That's the reason people just become famous wearing almost nothing. The ones that do positive things are seen less. The mindset is negative of the target audience and so the media publishes such things which is very wrong. Just to get more TRP, views, or reach, media posts things that can serve such target audience. It shows my personality when I judge and perceive someone. I should think about the actress who did good movies looks and lives like this now and it doesn't mean she has to look the same way she did years back. There will be flaws and people and others tend to just find that and its not just the media its everyone out there. People are emotionless.

Varsha Hegde

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Being a celebrity makes us very vulnerable. We want people to see us, recognise us, talk about us, but sometimes they talk on a very different paradigm. When we are shooting, there are certain time zones, there are certain climatic conditions and because you are human, you are meant to have hormonal changes, normal body issues, muscle issues, there are a lot of things that can happen and that can help you to put on weight and lose weight. We live on this earth and we have to go through some changes, like everyone else. When you put on weight, you're already going through a lot mentally because you know that you're a celebrity and you need to be in a certain shape and you're fighting your own battle. And at that time, when the press or the media or people start talking about it, it becomes a little difficult for you. It's a little harsh from the side of media. I do understand that media is doing their job, they're helping to promote us. They're making us famous by talking about us, but also make sure that what you talk is good. It actually affects people a lot, a lot.

Designer Anjali Phougat


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I feel it's very unfair to judge a celebrity for looking like a film actress, life is real and comfort is extremely important in real life. Nobody should be judged for how they look but instead for the work they have been doing and the work in the past. We cannot expect someone to look the same, aging is a very natural process so I feel it's very unfair to judge people on celebrity profiles. I feel they need to be themselves because people would keep on talking about things. They just need to ignore and focus what's more comfortable and suitable for them. I don't care about such things. Being a designer, people expect me to look polished and always in high heels and in couture dresses, but that is not the case. I am always backstage and running around, doing thousands of things at a time. So I am always into comfy clothes jeans, sneakers, t-shirts and I don't care what people think.
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