Delbar Arya's Tribute to Imtiaz Ali's 'Chamkila' Masterpiece

Delbar Arya Is In Awe With Diljit Dossanj's Acting In Chamkila says, "Diljit Dosanjh is the true embodiment of Chamkila as a living person today as if Chamkila's soul has really taken shape in him."

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Delbar Arya's Tribute to Imtiaz Ali's 'Chamkila' Masterpiece
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Delbar Arya is an inspiring name in the Bollywood industry, the actress has always been amazed at various storytelling films and biopic films that leave lasting impressions in the mind of the audience and one such film that blew the mind of the actress was Imtiaz Ali's recent released film Chamkila starring, Diljit Dosanjh and Parineeti Chopra. 

Delbar Spellbound by 'Chamkila': Special Screening with Imtiaz Ali

Delbar was recently invited by legendary filmmaker Imitiaz Alia for a special screening of the film, where the actress along with Imtiaz witnessed the masterpiece. Imtiaz Ali is known for his knack for delving deep into the human psyche and weaving tales that resonate with audiences across the globe, and one such is now with "Chamkila". The film, which delves into the life and legacy of the iconic Punjabi artist, Chamkila, left Delbar spellbound with its poignant portrayal of raw emotions and unfiltered truth.

Delbar just couldn't stop herself from praising the film and everyone, the actress says, "It was an inspiring story. Hats off to Imtiaz Sir for having spotted such a unique artist of Punjab and reviving him for the whole of India. Thank you for introducing Chamkila and encouraging us as artists."

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One of the aspects that truly resonated with Delbar Arya was the soul-stirring music that permeated every frame of the film. "A.R. Rahman Sir has fully embodied the spirit of authentic Punjabi music and Chamkila's soul. With every track and background music, you are constantly on a high with goosebumps."

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However, it was Diljit Dosanjh's portrayal of Chamkila that left Delbar Arya awestruck. She says, "Diljit Dosanjh is living, breathing, singing, basically portraying Chamkila today as if Chamkila is really alive, At some point, he has blurred the lines for the audience to the extent of letting us stunned and doubting if Chamkila is really not alive anymore. He is the true embodiment of Chamkila as a living person today as if Chamkila's soul has really taken shape in Diljit Dosanjh."

Delbar is currently soaring heights in the Punjabi film industry by giving major hits in films like PR, Tu Ho, Tu Hovein Main Hovan, and now in Damdaa. Belonging to the Pollywood industry the actress truly resonates with Chamkila. Delbar's encounter with Imtiaz Ali and the cinematic experience has been bestowed upon her and serves as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and the magic of cinema. Apart from that the actress is currently soaking the success of her recently released heartbreak anthem song KAABIL along with Bigg Boss OTT fame Pratik Sehajpal.

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