“ Do not chase only glam-glitter ! Passion and hard work is essential to be an Achiever,” advises ‘cover-girl’ Manisha Koirala at Society Achievers mag event By Chaitanya Padukone

Latest News: Evergreen charismatic star actress Manisha Koirala,  whom I have fortunately known right from her debut Hindi movie ‘Saudagar’ (1991) has always been frank and articulate

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Manisha Koirala at Society Achievers mag event
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Evergreen charismatic star actress Manisha Koirala,  whom I have fortunately known right from her debut Hindi movie ‘Saudagar’ (1991) has always been frank and articulate in her views and comments. A brave, resilient ovarian cancer survivor, in real life,  dignified Manisha is a versatile actress who has dared to play contrasting lead roles in her glorious acting career.


The exclusive media-event anchored by 'achiever' actor-model Sachin Khurana where  Manisha was invited as the Chief Guest was a memorable occasion.  Madame Koirala  unveiled the latest cover of the widely-read magazine “Society Achievers” where she is the latest  ‘Cover Girl’,. She took the opportunity to also speak as a friendly-motivator-advisor for the young generation . Especially those who aspire for a debut-break either as an actor or actress or as expert-crew-technicians.  Manisha advised the young generation not to be attracted only by the glam-glitter of  movies but also be prepared for passionate hard-work. Which in turn helps later on, to become a ‘star achiever’.

The evergreen ( total) four Filmfare Awards winner Manisha Koirala, known for her excellent performances in musical super-hits movies such as "Bombay", Agni Sakshi, ‘ ‘Gupt’ , "1942 A Love Story", “Dil Se”, “Khamoshi: The Musical”, ‘Sanju’  and many more, said one should not get into acting,  if the aim is only to become rich and famous.


Address the invited gathering, the beautiful ‘exemplary-achiever’ Manisha said, “Don't go only for the fluff. (superficial glamour).  If you really passionately love acting, cinema or any technical aspect of it, just go for it. Then whatever hurdles you're facing, you will sail through it. You will put in the hard work and hours and you will still be joyful because this is what you love to do," the actor said at an event on Thursday where she unveiled the latest cover of the magazine “Society Achievers”.



The practical-minded Koirala also said aspirants should ask themselves what they want before coming into the profession. "If you are going just for the fluff, that means your focus is not on what you're doing. You're always focused only on the glamour and the money. You're going in for the wrong reasons. That will later on become your by-product of the passion and the love that you have for your profession. So, choose wisely,” she added.


iManisha was most recently seen as the dignified yet smart scheming glamorous Mallika Jaan in iconic filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali (SLB)’s  OTT debut eight-episode lavish musical Netflix period multi-starrer series “Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar” (2024).



The ‘Gupt’ movie actress recalled that SLB who had earlier worked with her for his directorial debut "Khamoshi" (1996), approached her to be a part of the show at a time when she was looking for a project that would demand commitment from her.


"For me, it was really timely because I've reached a stage where I feel if the project really drives something, then I'll be part of it. I was happily gardening in Nepal in my small garden when this (Heeramandi) acting offer came," she added. Working on the  opulent “Heeramandi’ series turned out to be a "beautiful experience" for Koirala.


"My association with eminent dynamic publisher Nari Hira and Society magazine has been of  past many decades. It is an honor to be on the Cover of Society Achievers," said an emotional Manisha Koirala at the  event marking the unveiling of the latest cover of ‘Society Achievers’

The evening was made even more special with the presence of  senior-most media magnate Nari Hira,, director Ashok Dhamankar and Society mag Editor Andrea CostaBir, and Sunil Khavnekar  along with various other diverse-careers Achievers and eminent senior members of the film news media


Society Achievers’ continues to be India’s premier celebrity news and lifestyle magazine, celebrating inspiring success stories of achievers and icons from various fields.


Incidentally Manisha in her exclusive interview to Society magazine has disclosed that three-times Oscar Academy Awards winning versatile senior Hollywood actress has been  her prime inspiration, “ I would like to be a global artiste and have a career like that of Hollywood iconic actress Meryl Streep,” she has shared.

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