In the remembrance of Comedy King Sunder

There are some artists in the film industry who, despite being engaged in the service of art, get very little in return from this field. One such elderly actor was comedian and character artist Sunder,

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Looks like the journey has just begun- Sunder

There are some artists in the film industry who, despite being engaged in the service of art, get very little in return from this field. One such elderly actor was comedian and character artist Sunder, whom everyone knew but he never became a star and no one took care of him. When the news of his death was read in just two lines, I felt that this philistine world was a fraud. He was ill for a long time, but the members of this busy film world did not have any time, even his fellow actors who had worked with him had forgotten him, but he never complained about this, he used to say, 'Everyone has their work, they are not in bed like me, but I am sure, my fellow friends have not forgotten me just as I have not forgotten them.' Talking about these memories, he often got lost in the past like everyone else. It was just yesterday, he used to say, it seems as if I have just stepped into Bombay and the journey has begun. I remember very well those days of my enthusiasm when I was obsessed with doing all kinds of roles in every film.


Sunder: A man who puts a smile on the audience's face

While accepting a role, Sunder Ji never thought about its length, breadth, importance, etc. He used to say, my aim was only to give a smile to the audience and I gave that, even if I turned back to make the audience laugh. Sahib, Johnny Walker ji, Mehmood Sahib, etc. were on top in those days but for me only one smile of my fans was precious.

To get this smile, he endured every trouble, pain, and excess of the film city of Bombay. Regarding his career, he had said, I started acting with the plays of Madan Theaters of Kolkata, but I wanted to become Sunder in Hindi films at all costs, so I left everything and jumped into the Mumbai film industry, H.S. Rawail Saheb gave me my first opportunity in the film ‘Banke Sipahi’ and then I got his film ‘Shukriya’ and I became a Bombay man.


But despite many efforts, he could not move beyond a limit, he always remained behind in the competition of his simple comedians. He always took the blame for this on himself. He had said, 'Although I started my career as a hero, I was not in a position to sign films selectively and secondly, my friendship with everyone was such that I could not say 'no' even if I wanted to. But the result of this friendship was that as soon as his star started sinking, all his producer friends turned their backs and went to green fields. Regarding this, he said, 'No problem, I made many films from 1942 to 1969. 'I have more than four hundred films, now even I have become old and tired...the search for greenery is a law of nature.' He had accepted the end of his life very cheerfully. And during this evening, he used to remember his childhood again and again, he used to say, I spent my childhood in Sialkot Pakistan, it was painful to suddenly leave the streets in which I used to play and come to a new place. Very...especially for a sensitive, soft-hearted person like me, but the city of Mumbai gave me a reason to live again, to be filled with enthusiasm and excitement because it was here that my talent found its way.


But he was never able to move forward as much as he should have, 'No problem, at least in the next life...maybe next time my luck will be stronger and I will achieve my goal in acting. He used to joke, perhaps amidst this joke he was hiding his regret and sadness of not achieving his destination. He also used to say, 'Maybe because of being very sensitive, I was able to realize light comedy scenes very easily because only a sensitive person has the power to convert his sorrow, pain, or injury into laughter.'



When the old comedian, who used to cover such emotions with smiles, crossed the last stage of his life, then just small news was published in this field of art that the seventy-eight-year-old comedian was no longer handsome. His main films are 'Patanga', 'Mastana', 'Sagaayin', 'Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja' (Old), 'Jhoothi Kasamein', Pocketmaar', 'Shararat', 'Mehboob Ki Mehndi', 'Charag Kahaan Roshni Kahaan'. , 'Sadhu aur Shaitan', 'Mera Naam Joker', 'Kunwar Baap', 'Bombay to Goa', 'Upkaar' etc. May God rest his soul in peace and give patience to his family.


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