Jackky Bhagnani & Sophie Choudry: Recycled Benches Launch

Actor and film producer Jackky Bhagnani, who recently got married to actress Rakul Preet Singh, reached Saint Teresa Institute of Education on the occasion of the launch of recycled benches.

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Jackky Bhagnani & Sophie Choudry
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Actor and film producer Jackky Bhagnani, who recently got married to actress Rakul Preet Singh, reached Saint Teresa Institute of Education on the occasion of the launch of recycled benches. Jackie was seen in a very simple avatar on this occasion. He wore a black T-shirt with blue denim and orange shoes with which he styled sunglasses and a baseball cap.

Jackie's Special Bond with Saint Teresa Institute of Education

Let us tell you that on this occasion Jackie said that he has a special relationship with Saint Teresa Institute of Education. He has been a part of this school. Yes, Jackie has studied at Saint Teresa High School. Let us tell you that on the occasion of the launch of recycled benches, Jackie talked to all the teachers of the institute and also got photographs taken with all of them. On this occasion, Jackie was also seen talking to the school children and also got photographs taken with the small children of the school.

On this occasion, Asif Bhamla, Chief of the Bhamla Foundation and the organization that has made these benches from recycled plastic told Jackie about its details.

Sophie Choudry was also seen with Jackie on this special occasion. Sophie styled blue jeans with a printed shirt. She was looking very beautiful even in this simple avatar. He also talked to the small children of the institute and got pictures clicked.

These recycled benches have been installed in every classroom of the institute, this is a step towards creating a healthy and beautiful world.

While inaugurating the bench, everyone also raised slogans of ‘Go Green’. There is a very beautiful picture on the bench which shows that this bench has been made by recycling Bisleri bottles, along with which a message to save the environment was also written.

One by one Jackie and Sophie inaugurated the bench. And everyone got pictures clicked together. Jackie and Sophie thanked everyone. After this, the Chief of Bhamla Foundation Asif Bhamla thanked everyone including Jackie and Sophie.

You are representing the idea of recycled plastic, so how do you look at this thing?

Jackie- I am a man who believes in saving the planet, and climate change is not an artificial thing, it is happening. We can feel that it is getting hotter in summer and colder in winter. We are all learning how we should save our earth. When Asif Bhai told me that benches have been made by recycling plastic bottles in Saint Teresa School, then I thought it would be right to go there. If even a little awareness spreads due to my coming here then it is very big for me.

According to you, what small steps should people take to save the environment?

Jackie- Very small things can bring change. For example, I try to have a bottle with me and drink water from that. Such changes can be brought gradually. I just got married, and we have planted a tree in Goa in the names of all the guests and media people who came during that time.

The festival of Holi is coming in which a lot of water is wasted, so what message would you like to give on the occasion of Holi?

Jackie- It has been a few years since I have not played Holi. I have loved Holi since childhood but I have not played Holi for a long time because I know that it wastes a lot of water. We now play Holi with basic herbal colors and eat good food.

When can the audience see you again on the big screen?

Jackie- Very soon. But right now I have only one focus till Eid and that is 'Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan'

What would you like to say about the awareness that will be spread by Jackie's coming here?

Asif- He has always been a Bandra boy. There was that fire and passion within him to do something good for society. When a person reaches some level then he wants to give something good to society, a similar feeling is there in his father too and when it is there in the father then it is natural to come in the son. I respect Vashu Ji a lot. Plastic is spoiling our environment and we need to talk and work on this topic. People like Jackie are an inspiration for many students. Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff are also associated with our organization. Together we have cleaned more than 500 beaches. It is fortunate for us that Prime Minister Modi ji had mentioned us and our work in Mann Ki Baat.

When Sophie was asked how she felt about coming on this occasion and spreading awareness about this issue, to which Sophie said, “I think it is very important to spread awareness. When this thing is started from school then good thoughts remain in the minds of children. “These amazing benches are an example of how we can recycle plastic.”

When Sophie was asked about Holi, what message would she like to give to those people who waste water and use plastic during Holi, in response Sophie says, “I would say that play dry Holi, play Holi with water. There is already a lot of shortage, and I understand that this festival comes only once a year, but we need to be a little sensitive and play this festival, if we want our planet and environment to remain healthy, then try to do without water, etc. Play Holi. Use plastic as little as possible.”

Sophie congratulated everyone on Holi and requested everyone to play safe Holi.

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- Ayushi Sinha

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