KCF Miss & Mrs. India 2024: A Grand Success with Nari Shakti Samman

Many Bollywood celebrities including Dilip Sen, Singer Deepa Narayan Jha, BN Tiwari, former ACP Sanjay Patil, Bharti Chhabria attended the function organized by Dr. Krishna Chouhan.

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KCF Miss & Mrs. India 2024
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Mumbai.  Dr. Krishna Chouhan, known as the emperor of award functions in Mumbai, organized a grand event of the third season of 'Miss and Mrs. India and Nari Shakti Samman 2024' on the occasion of Women's Day at the Mayor Hall in Andheri West, a famous suburb of the metropolis.  In this award ceremony presented by KCF, those who have done remarkable work of social service and human service were honored.  Along with this, he has given a new direction to society by excellently displaying his art and personality.

Dr. Krishna Chouhan's Starry Award Ceremony

Many celebrities were present in this award ceremony organized by Dr. Krishna Chouhan, among whom the names of musician Dilip Sen, singer Deepa Narayan Jha (wife of Udit Narayan), BN Tiwari, former ACP Sanjay Patil, Bharti Chhabria, and actor Ramesh Goyal are notable.

The jury members of KCF Miss & Mrs India were Dr Deepa Narayan Jha, Nikki Batra, Dr. Bharti Chhabria, Prem Gada, and Asanta Naskar Yadav.  The makeup of the models was done by Lata Solanki while the fashion designer was Kusum Gupta.

 Krishna Chouhan along with Dilip Sen, ACP Sanjay Patil, Bharti Chhabria, and Nikki Batra started the program by lighting the lamp.  Sanjay Patil and Mangesh sang many songs on stage.  The anchor of the program was RJ Jayshree Panwar.

Legendary music director Dilip Sen said that Krishna Chouhan's courage cannot be praised enough.  He works differently in the world.  My congratulations and best wishes to all the awardees.  Chitra ji also sang a good song.

 ACP Sanjay Patil said that the one who respects women is great and Dr. Krishna Chouhan has been doing this great work, many congratulations to him.

Bharti Chhabria said that Krishna Chouhan has been giving Nari Shakti Samman for the last three years.  Through KCF Foundation, he also creates the platform of Miss Mrs. India so that women get a golden opportunity.

 Dilip Sen's wife Reshma Dilip Sen received the first award, after receiving which she thanked Krishna Chouhan.

 Deepa Narayan Jha expressed gratitude to Krishna Chouhan and said that he respects women and encourages them.  This is his best initiative.

 Deepa Narayan was honored by wearing a crown as the brand ambassador and Asanta was also honored.

Kiara Rawat was declared the winner in the Miss India category.  The first runner-up of Miss India was Chitra Devi Jamatia, and the second runner-up of Miss India was Diya Mandal.
 Whereas in the Mrs. India category, Komal Kataria was the winner of the Silver Class, Anu Pandit was the winner of the Gold Class and Megha Hemdev was the winner of the Platinum Class.  Lavina Joseph was the first runner-up of Mrs. India.

In all his award ceremonies, along with social workers, businessmen, and people associated with the film industry, Dr. Krishna Chouhan also honors many journalists and photographers.
 Krishna Chouhan has been working as a director in the film industry for the last two decades.  Along with this, he always remains ahead in social work.  During the Covid period, he not only distributed ration to the needy but the biggest thing was that he also presented Bhagavad Gita to the people.

Let us tell you that Dr. Krishna Chouhan is going to start shooting for his next horror thriller film 'Aatma.com' soon.  This film will have music by famous musician Dilip Sen. It is noteworthy that Dr. Krishna Chouhan is not only a successful Bollywood director, and an active social worker but is also considered to be on top in terms of conducting awards functions. One of his awards functions gets completed and he starts preparing for his next awards ceremony.

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