Women’s Day Special: Distinguished female characters that are redefining Indian Television

In a landscape where women were often portrayed as dependent and helpless, television brings forth a new wave of inspiration through its empowering female characters.

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In a landscape where women were often portrayed as dependent and helpless, television brings forth a new wave of inspiration through its empowering female characters. From Pushpa's resilience to Vandana's strength, from Yuvika's bold leadership to Nandini's fearless spirit, or be it Kavya’s resolve to balance her professional and personal life and excel in both, these women are more than just characters, inspiring us with their tales of determination and bravery.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, here’s a look at their compelling narratives as they challenge stereotypes, break barriers, and pave the way for a new era of empowerment on our television screens. (Women’s Day Special)


Pushpa, played by Karuna Pandey in Sony SAB’s 'Pushpa Impossible'

Karuna Pandey - Pushpa in Pushpa Impossible.png

Pushpa is a guiding force for women, standing up for their respect and dignity. She's extremely committed to her work life and juggles her family and job smoothly. She's a role model, showing how to chase dreams while staying true to yourself. Despite many problems, Pushpa's journey proves that women can manage both work and family and succeed in all parts of life. (Women’s Day Special)


Vandana, played by Pariva Pranati in Sony SAB’s 'Wagle Ki Duniya - Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey'

Pariva Pranati - Vandana in Wagle Ki Duniya.jpeg

Vandana inspires women to confront social challenges and maintain family harmony. Her courage sets her apart, serving as a pillar of support for her loved ones. She exemplifies resilience in the face of adversity, offering strength and stability to her family. Vandana stands as a strength of hope, showing that with determination, women can navigate life's obstacles while nurturing those around them. (Women’s Day Special)


Yuvika, played by Anjali Tatrari in Sony SAB’s 'Vanshaj'

Anjali Tatrari - Yuvika in Vanshaj.png

Yuvika is a young leader who inspires women with her capability and respect for elders, building confidence and inner strength to make her place in a male-dominated family business. She breaks the stereotypes and proves that women can run family businesses as well, with her strong beliefs in life, leaving a lasting impact on society. (Women’s Day Special)


Nandini, played by Meera Deosthale on Sony Entertainment Television’s 'Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai'

Meera Deosthale - Nandani in Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Bhi.jpg

Nandini is a kind-hearted girl, who cherishes her family, culture, and traditions. Yet, what truly sets her apart is her strong stand against customs that disrespect women and their self-respect, and she will be seen raising her voice against the dowry system, prevalent in the country. Fearlessly, she challenges this kureet, making her an empowering character for other women. (Women’s Day Special)


Kavya, played by Sumbul Touqeer Khan on Sony Entertainment Television’s 'Kavya - Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon'

Sumbul Touqeer - Kavya in Kavya – Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon.jpg

Kavya, an IAS officer, adeptly juggles her professional duties with her personal life, all while managing the affairs of the country. As a woman in this position, she encounters unique challenges but navigates them gracefully and with determination. Demonstrating an exceptional ability to balance her work and personal responsibilities, Kavya showcases strength and resilience; her journey serves as an inspiration to women in leadership roles. (Women’s Day Special)

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