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Movies Wired To Take You On An Enthralling Ride This Month With ‘Flix Action 2021’ & ‘Flix For All’ At 7PM And 9PM On &Flix


2021 will tell a different story as the action and adrenaline never stops with heart throbbing superstars flocking to your screens this month to bring to you a galore of spectacular movies. Stay captivated with ‘Flix For All’ weeknights at 7 followed by ‘Flix Action 2021’ at 9PM starting 1st January onwards.  &flix hasn’t hinged away from delivering some of the biggest blockbusters and other magical indies – starring A-Listers. While we’ve been lucky enough to catch some real gems this last year, what better way to prepare for the coming month than by getting excited for a slate of much-anticipated features that is worth the wait Jyothi Venkatesh

Flix For All

and flix  The core thought of expression lies in deciphering the communication the correct way. With Flix For All, the channel brings to you movies that are now able to provide a multi-lingual provision in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and English for audiences to relate and experience Hollywood like never before. With some of Hollywood’s biggest hits knocking at your doorstep this January, truly feel it and be a part of this experience with movies like Ghostbusters, Charlie’s angels (2016), Elysium, Surf’s Up 2 and more weeknights at 7.andflix

Flix Action 2021

andflixWith some of the biggest blockbuster movies, watch your favourite stars armed to the teeth with raging physiques and beautifully-choreographed action scenes that makes this kind of movie genre the most popular. Taking all shapes and forms, the list of movies offered this month by &flix list has everything from superhero movies to action thrillers and the one-off battle-hardened spectacles of pure adrenaline rush. With successful franchises like Marvel’s The Avenger, Thor Ragnorok and other standalone features like Red Dawn, I, Frankenstein and more, nights like these aren’t ever going to be the same starting 1st January weeknights at 9.

Time to burn the midnight oil this January with Nerve gripping movies to keep you glued to the screens weeknights at 7 and 9 on &flix

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