Alankriitaa Sahai: 'Tipppsy' Success Validates Hard Work

Alankrita is clearly very happy with the positive response her latest film "Tipppsy" has received. After waiting for the right film and the right role for quite some time,

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Alankrita Sahay 'Tipppsy' Success Validates Hard Work

Alankriitaa Sahai

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Alankrita is clearly very happy with the positive response her latest film "Tipppsy" has received. After waiting for the right film and the right role for quite some time, she finally got the role that lived up to all the standards - thrilling, dramatic, and with a message for the youth, Alankrita starred in this film (Tipppsy), which released on May 10. Her performance received a wave of praise and applause.

Alankrita Sahay is filled with gratitude for the love she has received for her latest performance in 'Tipppsy', as she shares a thank you message for her fans.

Alankrita: Rising Star on the Big Screen

Alankrita is a personality who is in the news at the moment. 2023 has been very good for this diva and the year 2024 is also looking explosive. After being a part of successful music videos and projects on OTT, Alankrita has finally made sure that she has ended the wait of all her fans who were waiting to see her on the big 70mm screen and actually made it to the movies. A lot of offers were coming to him. Till now, Alankrita kept rejecting many roles being offered to her as she wanted to ensure that she could focus on quality over quantity.

Alankrita Sahai's heart is filled with gratitude for all the love ...

Well, her role in the much talked about and much-awaited film 'Tipppsy' proved to be a perfect project in that field and no wonder, it made all her fans extremely happy and excited. Ever since the film released in theaters on May 10, Alankrita has definitely been at the forefront of praise and applause and netizens aren't surprised at all. Reacting to all the love and appreciation coming her way, a happy Alankrita shares her thoughts while interacting with the subject, saying, “For any performing artiste, the reaction of the audience is more important than any award and It matters more. For an artiste, the biggest reward is from the fans and well, I am very impressed and excited by the fact that 'Tipppsy' has managed to completely connect with the audience. The film has every element, from thrill and drama to an interesting message, especially for the youth of this country and I am very happy that everything has been taken positively. I have been receiving really amazing compliments and a lot of love for my performance and it motivates me to work better and harder for everything going forward in the future. A lot is coming to light. Thank you so much to everyone who likes Tipppsy. My heart is full of gratitude.”

Tipppsy (2024) - IMDb

Alankrita has really given a stellar performance in this film and it is no surprise, the appreciation and praise she is getting is well deserved. Here's wishing her all the best and success in everything he does going forward.

For Alankrita, this expression of love is the best reward an actor can get. This means that "Tipppsy" was liked by the audience and its hard work was successful. She is already receiving positive messages and praise for her acting, which motivates her to become better. With a grateful heart, Alankrita thanks everyone who enjoyed “Tipppsy” and hints at exciting projects in the future. We wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

Alankrita Sahai On Journey From Beauty Paegent Winner To Films ...

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