Isha Ambani's Bulgari 'Roman Holi': Glamorous Pre-Holi Bash

Mumbai's social calendar suddenly lit up as Isha Ambani hosted a lavish party called 'A Roman Holi' in collaboration with luxury brand Bulgari.

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Isha Ambani's Bulgari 'Roman Holi'
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That night will never come again, the night of glamor and ultimate bliss,

Mumbai's social calendar suddenly lit up as Isha Ambani hosted a lavish party called 'A Roman Holi' in collaboration with luxury brand Bulgari. Held at Ambani's palatial residence, the event was a kaleidoscope of elite personalities from around the world, a splash of couture attire, free-flowing conversations, and of course, a taste for pure luxury.

An Extravagant Pre-Holi Celebration: Ambani Style

An Extravagant Pre-Holi Celebration: Ambani Style

Do you know what it's like to step into a world inspired by the grandeur of ancient Rome? if you want to know then take a peek at the gathering of Indian aristocrat Ambani, one of the richest people in the world, where the preparations for Holi are going on in full swing, the atmosphere is full of thrill and anticipation. like Anant Ambani's pre-wedding bash, Ambani's daughter Isha Ambani also organized a luxury pre-Holi party in such a way that it gave a glimpse of what was about to happen on the day of Holi. Priyanka Chopra, Radhika Merchant, Ayushmann Khurrana along with many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities graced the event and Went on increasing the anticipation of Holi 2024. The pre-Holi evening created a new rainbow of color in the history of Bollywood's Holi.

Priyanka, who is fond of Holi since childhood, was not only a guest at her childhood friend Isha's house, but she also played an important role there. She delivered a heartwarming speech alongside Bulgari CEO Christophe Babin, which undoubtedly mesmerized the audience. Social media is buzzing with photos, videos, and glimpses of Priyanka and Isha, the icon of graceful hospitality, hosting a grand feast at their beautifully decorated long dining table. The happiness of their friendship is reflected through the pictures, which provide a warm feeling to every heart.

But the evening was not limited to only dazzling company and powerful speeches. The highlight of pre-Holi for many was also the 'Royal Dinner Thali' - a feast fit for the royal family. Stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania, who was the guest of honor at the party, couldn't resist sharing a peek into the culinary masterpiece on her Instagram story. The thali contained a delicious selection of yummy curries, aromatic rice, and various other dishes, a true taste explosion of flavors waiting to be savored.

With all the pomp and show of Holi preparations, now picture a scene of pre-Holi decorations, a table adorned with fresh flowers and the twinkling glow of candlelight, the tinkling of forks and spoons, and a symphony of lively people and hot conversation, bursts of laughter.

Amidst the backdrop of the Ambani family preparing for Holi, guests not only enjoyed a delicious meal but also had the opportunity to connect and create a new chapter in the memories, that will last a lifetime.

The inclusion of celebrities in the guest list who love the Indian festival, Holi, was proof of the exclusivity of the event. from the beauty of Madhuri Dixit Nene to the infectious energy of Ayushmann Khurrana, the evergreen youth of Shilpa Shetty, and the charm of Aditi Rao Hydari, each attendee,  brought their own unique style, charm, and color to the event.

In the meantime, Social media provided the public with a glimpse of the bash overnight, with photos of celebrities, showcasing their spic and span style. From Priyanka's enchanting saree to Ayushmann's sharp cream attire, every detail was carefully crafted, setting the tone for the visual feast of the upcoming Holi evening.

The evening was not just a pre-celebration of the festival of colors, the Indian festive Holi, but a celebration of colorful life, luxury, and the bonds that bind old and new relationships.
It was a night when Bulgari's finest jewelry found the perfect canvas, for celebrities, proof of the brand's heritage and timeless beauty. With Isha Ambani's lavish hospitality and a touch of Bulgari grandeur, 'A Roman Holi' bash was a night that truly lived up to its name - a shimmering spectacle that left everybody yearning for more and more.
Fikar not, This wish will be fulfilled on Holi.

Adding another layer to the beauty of the evening's pre-Holi party were the speeches by none other than our desi beauty Priyanka Chopra and Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari. Whose presence and contribution further heightened the already enthusiastic atmosphere.

Isha Ambani's 'Roman Holi', which was immersed in fame and wealth, suddenly dazzled Mumbai together.

Enthralled with the upcoming Holi, Isha Ambani, with her talent for hosting unforgettable celebrations, amazingly blended the pre-Holi night with high fashion in a way that no other celebrity could or can celebrate or dare to have such a bash. Co-hosted with Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, the 'Roman Holi' party at the Ambani residence became a Precedent to her exquisite taste and unmatched grandeur. The event was not just a party, it was a visual masterpiece, with dazzling costumes, charming personalities, and a touch of Roman opulence.

The undisputed style icon, Isha Ambani, looked like the queen of Holi herself in a custom-made strapless Banarasi gown by designer Ashwin Thiagarajan. This was not just any dress but a labor of love, meticulously crafted taking over 100 hours to perfectly embody the essence of the 'Roman Holi' theme. The bustier silhouette of the crafted gown transformed into a flowy skirt adorned in the vibrant colors of the traditional Banarasi fabric, creating a breathtaking fusion of modern elegance and cultural heritage.
Isha accessorized her outfit with a dazzling Bulgari necklace, a multi-gem studded fine jewelry piece from the brand's Rome Splendor and Mediterranean collection. Her white diamonds sparkled at every twist and turn, adding a touch of regal sparkle to her already captivating ensemble. Jewelry designer Aditi Gupta revealed that nine Bulgari heritage pieces were showcased at the party.

Isha was not the only Ambani woman to attract attention that night. Radhika Merchant and Shloka Mehta, her sisters-in-law, were the epitome of beauty themselves. Radhika exuded timeless sophistication in an oh-so-beautiful flowing cream-colored gown, while Shloka chose a lively pink number, adorned with delicate floral details. Their contrasting styles, each impressive in their own way, perfectly complemented the celebratory spirit of the evening. Everyone present there was dressed to impress, conversations from around the world were being exchanged amid the soft glow of chandeliers, and the air was filled with energy with high fashion choices.

But beyond the dazzling display of fashion and celebrity, the event had a deeper significance, it was a vociferous celebration of the fusion of cultures, a harmonious blend of Roman grandeur and Indian tradition.

Isha Ambani's "Roman Holi" party wasn't just a party; It was a carefully crafted experience. it was a night where luxury met tradition, where celebrities mingled and conversations flowed. It was a night that Mumbai's social calendar won't soon forget, evidenced by Isha Ambani's impeccable taste and Bulgari's commitment to creating unforgettable experiences.

Priyanka Chopra's charm at Isha Ambani's party leaves Nick Jonas speechless (and netizens too)

Priyanka Chopra, our very own desi global star, often sets the world on fire with her grace and beauty. This time, she rocked Isha Ambani's "Roman Holi" party with her presence.

Dressed in a dreamy pastel pink saree, Priyanka looked like a dream beauty. The intricately woven perfection of the dress designed by Gaurav Gupta left everyone stunned. On the other hand, Priyanka's husband, Nick Jonas, who, like a good husband, always admires his wife's beauty, once again was impressed by seeing the pictures of Priyanka's glowing beauty on social media and said that his wife is mind-blowing, her beauty made him speechless and he is amazed to see the mesmerizing beauty of his wife His adorable comments on the Instagram post, complete with heart emojis, show their true love and admiration. These are the little moments that make us swoon – a love that transcends boundaries.

Priyanka makes headlines (and raises eyebrows) with Bulgari necklace at Isha Ambani's party

Priyanka Chopra's presence at Isha Ambani's star-studded Holi party was a sight to behold. although the event itself is much talked about, because of the outfits worn by the celebrities and top stars, what added color to the Holi pre-party and caught everyone's attention was Priyanka's Bulgari necklace.

The actress was looking very beautiful with her strange style of tying the saree (which also had a slit), but all eyes were fixed on her neckpiece. The piece of jewelry was a multicolored gemstone necklace, a stunning creation of the Bulgari brand. But the real showstopper was its price.

According to reports, the price of Priyanka's Bulgari necklace is Rs 8 crore i.e. approximately 1 million dollars. Shocked? But that's right, the brand's official website clearly confirms this astonishing price for a piece of jewelry and lists it at Rs 8,33,80,000.

Needless to say, after Isha Ambani's pre-birthday bash, which created a lot of ruckus, Priyanka's necklace has become the talk of the town. Social media has been flooded with reactions, with some people marveling at the beauty of the piece and others questioning its hefty price tag. Of course, Priyanka is a global celebrity and the brand ambassador of Bulgari. So, it's no surprise that it would be adorned with one of its most exquisite creations. But the mere price of the necklace makes one wonder – is it a statement piece, a symbol of luxury, or perhaps both?

This is definitely a conversation starter and probably it raised a lot of eyebrows because of the attention Priyanka is getting.
When the useless netizens who are fond of only just trolling stars, compared Priyanka's neckpiece with Isha's neckpiece and called Priyanka's neckpiece cheap, immediately Priyanka's fans took the lead and answered that whatever the price of the necklace, when it is around Priyanka's neck, then the worth and price of the necklace goes quadruples.
One thing's for sure, Priyanka Chopra knows how to walk into a party. The combination of her beauty, style, and show-stopping Bulgari necklace ensured that she was the center of attraction at Isha Ambani's pre-Holi party. Whether you're impressed by the craftsmanship or surprised by the price, it can't be denied that Priyanka has left a lasting impression.
But remember, Priyanka wasn't just wooing Nick. Even Hollywood A-lister Sofia Vergara chimed in with the simple but powerful words, "Wow! Couldn't stop myself from speaking". Priyanka's look is being praised a lot on social media, which is proof of her unmatched style.

The event itself was star-studded, it was truly a magical evening, and Madhuri Dixit was also undoubtedly one of the highlights, with her infectious smile and adorable presence.

Holi fun for the little Ambanis too: Isha and Shloka organized a party for their children

While the grown-ups were busy celebrating pre Holi bash in style at Isha Ambani's Bulgari party, there was another equally important Holi celebration in the Ambani family - a special pre-Holi party for the kids too. Isha Ambani, along with her sister-in-law Shloka Mehta Ambani, hosted a fun Holi party for their little ones - Krishna and Adia (Isha's twins), and Prithvi and Veda (Shloka's kids). This special celebration for the "bachcha party" is a heart-warming reminder that amidst the grand celebrations andextravagant parties, family has always come first for the Ambani's. It's a beautiful glimpse of how much importance they place on creating all the lasting memories for their children, fostering a love of their heritage and celebrating the joys of life together.

Freed from the pressure of adult celebrations, kids truly enjoyed the spirit of Holi – the joy of colours, the laughter of friends and the sweetness of family. With their attentive mothers ensuring a safe and happy environment, Krishna, Adiya, Prithvi and Veda undoubtedly had a pre Holi celebration with their friends that they will remember for years to come.

Isha and Shloka, two childhood friends who are now sisters-in-laws share a close bond, and this is clearly reflected in their co-hosting duties. While Shloka is known for her calm personality, she always manages to impress with her fashion sense. This time, for the pre Holi party she chose a beautiful beige gown that resembled a floral princess dress, with delicate floral details on the bodice and a flowy skirt. Rose-toned glasses added a subtle touch of colour, and her overall look was completed with simple jewellery, delicate makeup. Isha, on the other hand, put a unique twist on the traditional Banarasi gown. This gorgeous outfit reportedly took around 100 hours to create, which blurred the lines between Indian heritage and Western style. She paired the stunning gown with a statement necklace and styled her hair in soft waves, creating a look that was both playful and elegant.

So you can now only imagine how much the kids along with the elders enjoyed the Holi Bash before the actual Holi.
The 'Roman Holi' celebration, before Holi, was not just a party; It was an royal blue experience, a night where traditions met modern fashions, where celebrities and socialites interacted in an atmosphere of unparalleled opulence. it was a living example of Isha Ambani's exquisite taste and Bulgari's commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. And as the evening turned into a night filled with laughter, joy and tinkling voices, one thing remained certain: Mumbai had witnessed a night like never before.

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