Amazon Mini TV Show 'Hustler: Jugaad Ka Khel' - A Boy's Startup Tale

Many mini-shows can be seen on Amazon Mini TV. One such amazing show is 'Hustler: Jugaad Ka Khel' in which Vishal Vashishtha, Sameer Kochhar, Anjali Barot, and Aman Uppal will be seen.

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Hustler Jugaad Ka Khel

Many mini-shows can be seen on Amazon Mini TV. One such amazing show is 'Hustler: Jugaad Ka Khel' in which Vishal Vashishtha, Sameer Kochhar, Anjali Barot, and Aman Uppal will be seen. Looking at the trailer it becomes clear that this is the story of a boy who wants to start a startup. Now, what twists and turns come in his life during this period, whether he becomes successful or not, you can know only by watching Amazon Mini TV!

Seeing this in the trailer, it is clear that you are doing a lot of Jugaad, so have you done any kind of Jugaad in real life also?

Vishal- Especially in this line, a lot of Jugaad has to be done. When I came into this industry, I was surviving on Jugaad only. Go to every audition and audition yourself. Jugaad is different in this show, here you have to start a startup. Through this also I came to know that starting a startup is not easy. Whatever our friends want to do, we see them struggling. Once success is achieved in work then it is easy to say that things are like this but it is not so easy to start it. By doing this show, I came to know that the world of startups has come a long way from where it started, but there is a lot of hard work by many people behind it.

Hustler Jugaad Ka Khel

Sameer, what would you like to tell about your character, looking at the trailer it seems that you are motivating Vishal's character.

Sameer- I am motivating and also shaking. My character's name is Mihir Jain, and I enjoyed playing this character a lot. This story is based on very interesting. This story is based on the time when the startup started in 2010. Currently, there are many startups, and many of the same startup companies have become big companies today. When it was started, the value of an idea was being created and how by investing money and working hard on that idea, you can become big. I think Harsh created this story of that period. The credit of this story is that many people have talent but you have to find your opportunity and if you have an idea that can take society forward then that idea is very valuable. Finding an idea and then using that idea to create a business is a big deal. I believe that everyone has talent but not everyone has the talent to use that talent to create a business. This story is for all those who want to do something in life and want to move forward. My character Mihir Jain invests in new ideas and I like Sanjay's idea very much, I can see myself in him, I too was like that when I started. Mihir is also a school dropout, and he does not believe much in the education system, he does not believe at all that if someone does not have an education, it means that he cannot do anything. The story is very good and people will be able to relate to it.


Anjali, would you like to share something about your character and the show?

Anjali- Our guru Sameer has explained everything very well to you about the show. If I talk about my character, my character's name is Vanshika. It is said that behind every successful man, there is a person who believes in him when he has not achieved anything. Vanshika has the qualities of a jeweler, she knows that Sanjay's character is gold. Vanshika had faith in Sanjay that he would do something good. People were making fun of Sanjay and not taking him seriously but Vanshika had full faith in him. If I talk about Vanshika's character, she looks very tough from the outside but when she is with Sanjay, her soft side is also seen.

Vishal- Sanjay's character is very ambitious and he keeps running here and there. Vanshika gives him a reality check. I think every person should have such a person in his life who gives him a reality check, otherwise, that person will lose his track.

Hustler Jugaad Ka Khel

Family support is very important in this kind of work, so how is Sanjay facing it?

Vishal- Talking about family, Sanjay had a lot of support from his mother but his father had to prove him. The hurdle was on his elder brother. He was getting family support only from his mother whom he loved unconditionally. He tells his mother what is going on in his life. And then when he goes to the hostel, he meets Vanshika and Manoj as support.

Tell us something about how was the experience of working with each other.

Vishal- It was a lot of fun working together. Had our director been here it would have been even more fun. Just like we are having fun here, we were on the set as well.

Sameer- We enjoyed working with each other. We also shot many scenes together. We had a lot of fun in those scenes. We have also shot at very good locations. We have worked very hard for this show, we hope people will like it.

Hustler Jugaad Ka Khel Vishal

Vishal- Our director is very good, he has worked very calmly even on such a tight schedule. He would call up everyone and take dates and take care of their needs. When the director is like this then you feel comfortable. The day Mihir Jain i.e. Sameer used to come on the set, we knew that today there are good scenes because the rest of us are students. He has come to the set, which means it must be a matter of work. I liked the energy of the set very much, it was fast, and it was quite tiring but I enjoyed working with this energy.

Vishal & Anjali

Would you like to say something to the fans?

Vishal- With folded hands, I request you all to please watch our show. We know you will watch. The show is very good, we have made it with a lot of heart.

Anjali- You will be able to relate yourself to Sanjay's character and this is the most beautiful thing about the show. Watch our show and tell us how you liked our show.

Sameer- If you think that you have an idea and can work on it then watch this show first. After watching the show you will understand how you can turn an idea into reality and make a name for yourself. The simple message of this show is that if you have something then no one can stop you.



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