Anil Kapoor Convicted by Poulomi Das: He Didn't Support My Stance

OTT News: Poulomi Das in tears: Bigboss OTT has commenced with a bang and the first WEEKEND KA VAAR has happened inside the house, where the host, the evergreen Anil Kapoor has been seen reprimanding the contestant.

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Anil Kapoor was convicted by contestant Poulomi Das. Says; He didn’t support my stance.
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In the middle of all this chaos, the TV actress has been seen showing her torrent of emotions at Anil Kapoor in a viral video, in which Poulomi Das has been saying that she is not in agreement with his decisions. There is a viral video floating around social media showing the disagreement between Poulomi and Anil Kapoor, at the face of which fans are assuming that Poulomi may be evicted by next form the Bigboss House. In this video; Poulomi is seen to be saying to Armaan Malik, that Luv is notorious however at times of discussion he shows his sincere side, I don’t agree with Anil Sir, I am sorry but I don’t agree with him. I have said things about her outside the house! What about the things that are said to me inside the house, he doesn’t seem to care about them! This is so wrong.

Poulomi Confronts Shivani on Hurtful Comments in Viral Video

Shivani has also said things about me, you aren’t taking any stance on those! And when I am trying to discuss it you are simply sending me away!! Isn’t that wrong at so many levels?  In the later part of the video, Poulomi is been seen asking about the statement made for her “Tumhari Jaisi Ladki” by Shivani. This still etches her heart as there are still girls like her that live in the world outside! She demands to know the thought behind this statement of hers. She then says- that she wears a bikini and there are pictures of her on her Instagram and also pictures of her wearing traditional Indian clothes with her parents in those pictures as well. Shivani only commented on the bikini pictures! However, he didn’t react to the comments made by Shivani, and when she tried to take this issue forward he dismissed it by saying that Poulomi had also made some derogatory statements about her, outside the house even before entering here! Poulomi states that she didn’t know any of the 16 contestants present here before coming to the house as it’s the show's policy.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Viral: Paulomi Das vented out her anger on Anil Kapoor, people said- now she will be thrown out

This clip has been receiving a plethora of comments from the audience stating their opinions. One such comment was; that Poulomi uncovered Anil Kapoor’s true face now she may be evicted from the Bigboss House in the upcoming Weekend ka Vaar next week!

Anil Kapoor had taught a lesson to Poulomi Das

Anil Kapoor has been seen asking Poulomi Das in the snippet of Weekend ka Vaar, “If you don’t even have any idea about the person, then how are you commenting on that? Even before Poulomi’s reply, he said that he would talk about it later on. Right now I am not in the right state of mind to discuss anything about this statement of yours, how can you even say this?

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