Hotstar's 'Patna Shukla': Provoking Questions on Education system

The film 'Patna Shukla' tells the story of an unusual fight between a common woman and her patient. Directed by Vivek Budakoti and Rajendra Tiwari, and produced by Arbaaz Khan,

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Hotstar's 'Patna Shukla' Provoking Questions on Education system
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The film 'Patna Shukla' tells the story of an unusual fight between a common woman and her patient. Directed by Vivek Budakoti and Rajendra Tiwari, and produced by Arbaaz Khan, this film raises a deep question on the scam happening in our education system. Raveena Tandon, Satish Kaushik, and Anushka Kaushik will be seen in lead roles in the film. The film will stream on Hotstar on March 29. Let us tell you what the film's producer Arbaaz Khan told about this film.

Insights from Producer Arbaaz Khan on the Film

Producer Arbaaz Khan on the Film

What were the reasons behind producing this project and choosing a platform like Hotstar?

I found the subject of this project very interesting, and its characters very unique and interesting. The story of the film, its backdrop, all this is very good and at the same time the film talks about a topic. The film is about today's youth and family. I found everything related to the film very interesting, I liked its script very much and hence I decided that I would make a film about it. We had to do the right casting for the film because the story is about a married woman who has an eight-year-old child. Raveena was on the top of our list and when we talked to her about this film, she also liked the story of the film and was happy to be a part of this film. I consider myself lucky that Raveena said yes to this role because she has played the character we wanted for this film very well.

Patna Shuklla Trailer Out: Raveena Tandon Fights Against Scam In Education  System In Gripping Court Drama - WATCH, Bollywood News | Zoom TV

Is the story of this film based on true events?

The story of the film is inspired by real-life incidents. This is not the story of any one person. This story is the story of many people and there are articles to prove that such incidents have happened. The sub-plots of the film are also very entertaining and engaging, but care has also been taken that the film does not deviate from its theme.

As you said, this film is inspired by true events. Recently there has been news about exam paper leaks and education scams, questions are being raised on the education system, so what would you like to say about it?

I don't think this is a thing today. Many things need to be improved regarding education and there is a lot of time left in it. We are a developing country and these things will take time. There are many areas in the education system on which we need to work. With such films, we can focus a little on what we need to pay attention to.

Patna Shuklla' trailer: Raveena Tandon's next is a tale of scandal and  resilience - India Today

At this time, the OTT platform has become very big, so do you have any plans for the future?

Now, first I should come out of this film, see its response, and then work on some other subject. I don't have such a timeline that I have to make three films every year, whether I get a good subject or not, I don't work like that. If I have three good subjects, I will make three films in a year, but if I have only one good subject in a year, I will make only one film in a year. I only work on things that excite me because I invest my time and energy in projects, even if I am not producing those projects. As a producer, I am involved in every detail of the film and I am also a creative producer, so I remain involved with the film from the story till its release. For this film also I have been associated with the beginning of the film.

Did you face any challenges with this project that you would like to discuss?

To be honest, we were very excited to make this film but when Corona came in between, we had to delay our work. And after that, it took us some time to get the project back on track. Once we got our team and cast together again, our project went very smoothly.

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After being an actor, you have now become a producer, so how has this phase been for you?

It has been good. My first film as a producer was 'Dabangg', so it was a dream project for me and a life-changing project, so I am just happy. I don't think I should be sad about why I became a producer after being an actor because it is only after becoming a producer that I have received praise and love. I am very happy that I can deliver a good story to the audience. I enjoy this work, I just want to deliver a good story to people, whether as a producer or as a director.

Will you have any further projects coming up?

Of course, it is not that this is my last picture, Inshallah I will make more pictures in the future.

Salman Khan Unveils Raveena Tandon's Character in Upcoming Patna Shuklla

You recently said something about nepotism which went quite viral, would you like to say something about it?

All I said was that if you come from a family of lawyers, then you meet similar people and you are probably interested in similar things and you also have more knowledge about them. If a doctor's son becomes a doctor then we have no complaints about him. If a politician's son becomes a politician, we do not have any complaints, but if an actor's son becomes an actor then why are we so angry, or why do we have a problem when a director's son becomes a director? It is not that every superstar's son, daughter, or brother becomes a superstar, many people have not been able to become one, so why do people not want to understand this thing? It does not happen that you are the son or brother of a superstar, then you have a ticket that you get a career of 25 years and the audience will love you as much as they loved you. Everyone gets one chance, but that too outsiders do not give them, their home productions have made films for them. A common man always does something for his child, so when someone has made a film for his child, then why is anyone objecting? All I mean to say is that this is not such a big issue. It is not that everyone comes into this field, some people also go into other fields. 80% of the people who are successful in the industry are from outside, be it an actor, director, or producer.

Patna Shukla Trailer

What do you think is special about ‘Patna Shukla’?

Its story is very good. I think the topic on which this story is based is very relevant. All the characters in this story are very interesting and engaging. There is a lot to say in this story and it is hoped that people will like this story. After the release of the promo, when I saw the response of the viewers, I felt a little confident that people liked it.

Would you like to say something to your fans?

I would like to say that this film is coming on Hotstar. The film is going to be premiered on March 29, do watch it, and if you like it, tell others too and ask them to watch this film.


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