Knock-out’ sterling performance by Kartik Aryan in Kabir Khan-directed ‘Chandu Champion’ strikes ‘gold’ in hearts of audiences

Based on a true story, the sports drama realistic bio-pic film ‘Chandu Champion’  celebrates the frustrating struggles-to-ultimate success story and the extraordinary life of Murlikant Rajaram Petkar,

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Chandu Champion
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Genre: Sports-Raw Action-emotional drama-bio-pic

Co-written and Directed by: Kabir Khan

Produced by: Sajid Nadiadwala and Kabir Khan

Cast: Kartik Aryan, Vijay Raaz, Master Aayan Khan, Bhuvan Arora,  Yashpal Sharma, Rajpal Yadav, Bhagyashri Borse, Dilnaaz Irani and Others

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review by Chaitanya Padukone


Based on a true story, the sports drama realistic bio-pic film ‘Chandu Champion’  celebrates the frustrating struggles-to-ultimate success story and the extraordinary life of Murlikant Rajaram Petkar, an army jawan and trained sports-wrestler-boxer-athlete-swimmer who won for India its first Paralympic Gold Medal in 1972 held in Germany. The modest yet valiant Petkar’s achievements marked by shocking twists and turns-- grappling with adverse destiny was eclipsed in almost total anonymity. That is until he decided to claim the recognition, the honor,  the respect he fully deserved.


Chandu champion Review: आ गई कार्तिक आर्यन की चंदू चैंपियन, फिल्म देखने से  पहले पढ़ें रिव्यू

The titular author-backed role played brilliantly by Kartik Aryan who went through rigorous training and weight-training to look the contrasting roles of a rustic wrestler, an army cadet, a boxer, an army officer at the battle-front,  and then a disabled (by enemy-bullets)  international freestyle swimmer. Which involved reducing his weight from 90 kgs to 72 kgs and his body fat from 39 percent to 7 percent. Actually,  Kartik recently even took to social media to share a viral before-and-after transformation picture of himself that highlighted his arduous journey from an ‘insomniac’ to a ‘fitness enthusiast’.and of course a dedicated passionate actor. Being ridiculed and mocked by people and his buddy-mates  Aryan is awesome as he exhibits Petkar’s aggression, giving an outlet to his talent and persistence. He dares to question the people who make fun of him, ‘Hastaa kaayko hai’, which ignited the fire within him. “Medal se izzat milti hai”, he tells himself.

Chandu Champion Song: कार्तिक का धाकड़ अंदाज देखने के लिए हो जाइये तैयार,  इन दिन रिलीज होगा 'तू है चैंपियन' सॉन्ग - chandu champion new song tu hai  champion to release on

This sports-centric film belongs to the acting-champion Kartik Aryan thanks to  his multi-layered award-worthy tear-jerking performance in the cinematic action-replay of  Padmashri Murlikant Petkar. With his endearing charisma, Kartik instantly connects with the sympathy of audiences because there is that Chaplinesque painful-humor undercurrent to his being rejected and to some of his daring defiant blunders. Vijay Raaz is amazing and phenomenal ( as usual)  as Murlikant’s strict sports-coach called ‘Tiger Ali’. Bhuvan Arora is appealing as Karnail Singh who is  Chandu’s constant buddy. Hemangi Kavi and Nitin Bhajan delivers wonderful performance as Murlikant’s caring yet strict parents. Shreyas Talpade is spontaneous in the role of police inspector Kamble while pretty Bhagyashri Borse is so endearing in the role of Naintara. Rajpal Yadav lends excellent support as the wacko yet dynamic male-nurse Topaz. Yashpal Sharma and  Ganesh Yadav make their acting presence felt. Aayan Khan is effecftive as young Murlikant. Samyak is quite nice as the teenaged Jagannath. Brijendra Kala is endearing as prisoner Ashok.

Chandu Champion Song 'Tu Hai Champion': Kartik Aaryan's Murlikant Petkar  Never Say Die Spirit Gets Highlighted In This Powerful Track (Watch Video)  | 🎥 LatestLY

Hats off to co-writer Kabir Khan for his super-brilliant direction.  Kabir’s creative genius as a gripping story-teller is showcased in so many impactful scenes. His narrative style is such that the audience gets sucked into the drama right from the word ‘go’. Pritam’s music is quite good but could have been better, with some more catchy songs like the chorus song ‘Satyaanaas’  Must mention that Julius Packiam’s background music is superb, as he whips up the right tension and excitement audio-vibes at the right scene-situations. Sudeep Chatterjee’s cinematography is commendable with agile camera movements and aerial top-shots that elevate the bio-pic drama on-screen. Amar Shetty’s action and stunt scenes are excellent.. Nitin Baid’s editing is positively sharp but one feels that the post-interval scenes could been easily trimmed to make the footage more fast-paced..



Chandu Champion: Kartik Aaryan's ripped look with just 7 per cent body  impresses director Kabir Khan | Bollywood News - The Indian Express
Overall, ‘Chandu Champion’ released today in cinema theatres,  is a must-watch, engaging realistic entertainer. Which is optimistic, inspiring, motivating! While it champions the motto-mantra--- that despite all odds and rejections--never surrender. Swim against the stormy waves, be resilient (bounce back) and try to achieve a ‘knock-out’ golden victory!  

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