“Rautu Ka Raaj: Dull murder mystery with unnecessary scenes…”

Reviews: The story of the film begins with the death of Sangeeta Khnarayni Shastri, the warden of 'Sevadham School' in Rautu, a village situated on a hill in Uttarakhand.

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“Rautu Ka Raaj Dull murder mystery with unnecessary scenes…”
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Producer: Umesh K R Bansal, Anand Surpur, Chintu Srivastava
Writer: Anand Surpur
Director: Anand Surpur
Cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Narayani Shastri, Rajesh Kumar, Atul Tiwari, Dr. Anil Rastogi, Vicky Dutt and Samridhi Chandola
Duration: 1 hour 53 minutes
OIT Platform: On ZEE5, from June 28

What is justice? Every person has a different perspective on crime, criminals, and justice. In such a situation, does the real criminal get punished every time? Do the thoughts of the person searching for the criminal, his experiences, the events of his personal life and his discretion affect him in choosing the criminal? Does he do justice? Anand Surpur has brought the answers to these questions in his murder mystery film "Rautu Ka Raaj".


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The story of the film begins with the death of Sangeeta Khnarayni Shastri, the warden of 'Sevadham School' in Rautu, a village situated on a hill in Uttarakhand. Sangeeta was the warden of 'Sevadham', a residential school for the blind. Who can imagine a mysterious death in such a place? Anyway, no murder has taken place here in the last 15 years. But in a residential school for blind children, the possibility of eyewitnesses is less, so the possibility of crime increases. Secondly, there is no dearth of greedy and selfish people anywhere, whether it is a mountain a village, or a city. DSP Kamal Negi gets the responsibility to solve the mystery of whether Sangeeta's death is a natural death or murder. There is also pressure on him to save the school's trustee Manoj Kesari. But Kamal Negi does not work under any pressure. The suspicion of murder also falls on Manoj Kesari (Atul Tiwari), the trustee of 'Sevadham School'. Not only is this, but during the investigation, Kamal Negi finds out that a girl named Payal Chaudhary missing from the school. The love story of a blind boy and a blind girl also comes to light. It also comes to light that two builders are trying to grab the land of the school. The Chief Minister is also seen standing with a builder. Kamal Negi in his way, with the help of his colleagues Dimri (Rajesh Kumar), Constable Trivedi (Rajendra Tripathi), Head Constable Dinesh Pant (Vicky Dutt), and Constable Lata Bisht (Samridhi Chandola) and his informers, succeeds in solving the mystery related to Sangeeta's death, but does Kamal Negi punish the real culprit? Along with the story of reaching the murderer, the story of Kamal Negi's past events, Dimri's worry about her new flat as the builder has not yet given possession, Constable Trivedi's laziness, lover Head Constable Dinesh Pant and Constable Lata Bisht pleading Kamal Negi to get her leave approved also continues.


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Just like the quiet, lazy life of the mountains, the story of the film 'Rautu Ka Raaj' also moves forward slowly. The story and screenplay of the film are very weak. The screenplay of the film is written in such a way that the whole film looks like a 'one man show' even though there are many characters. There are many scenes in the film which have no connection with the main story of the film. These scenes distract the attention of the audience. The writer still needed to do more research. Some twists of the film are very interesting. As the investigation of the murder progresses, some secrets and some characters come to the fore and the interest of the audience increases. But the filmmaker has raised many questions on heinous crimes like the rape of girls in schools under the guise of 'murder mystery'. At the same time, this film also shows some right paths for the bright future of blind children. But the logic on which the culprit was chosen is wrong even based on law and morality.
The background music of the film is also not good.


Rautu Ka Raaz movie trailer:
Nawazuddin Siddiqui's performance as police officer Kamal Negi is very composed. He does not try to become a hero anywhere, rather he does his work with a calm nature as per the well-known peace of the mountains. Rajesh Kumar leaves his mark in the role of Dimri. He keeps making the atmosphere interesting with his comic punches. Nawazuddin and Rajesh's acting and timing seem to be perfect. Atul Tiwari, Narayani Shastri, Doctor Anil Rastogi, Vicky Dutt, and Samridhi Chandola have tried their best to do justice to their respective roles.

-Shanti Swaroop Tripathi

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