Review: 'Boonie Bears Guardian Code' - Emotional Tale of Mothers and Sons

A lot of Hollywood or Korean films and their Hindi remakes are made and screened in India. But Chinese films are not screened in India. Whereas Indian films earn quite well in China.

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Boonie Bears Guardian Code

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Producer: FantaWild Holdings Inc

Author: Qi Tiejie, Liu Zhenjie, and Xu Yun

Directors: Lin Yongchang and Shao Heqi

Starring: Patrick Freeman, Joseph S. Lambert, Max Rinehart, Kelly Khurshid and Olivia Seaton Hill

Duration: one hour thirty-five minutes

A lot of Hollywood or Korean films and their Hindi remakes are made and screened in India. But Chinese films are not screened in India. Whereas Indian films earn quite well in China. Now Sushil Kumar Aggarwal of 'Ultra Media and Entertainment Group' has started the commercial exhibition of Chinese films in Indian theatres. In this series, just before 'Mother's Day', 'Alta Media..', the film 'Guardian Code' made under China's world-famous computer animation franchise Boonie Bears', will be released in theaters in Hindi as 'Mamma Ki Khoj' on May 10. When the film 'Boonie Bears Guardian Code' was released in China in 2023, it created history as the most successful film of its franchise. So far this film has earned 200 million dollars. It has been published in English and other languages. Indian animation films are not shown in Indian theaters, so after this film, animation films from other countries including China can start being shown continuously in Indian theaters. The film 'Boonie Bear's Guardian Code' seems to be working as the right strategy in this direction.


The story of the computer animation film “Mamma Ki Khoj” begins with two baby bears. When a fire breaks out in the forest, their mother runs away asking them to stay there to find out the cause, but their mother does not return. Both children grow up. One of his friends takes him to a science exhibition by building a robot. Where he meets Charlotte and Professor Ronald. Both of them are researching robots. Boonie sees Charlotte holding the same enchanting stone locket that her mother used to wear. An artificial intelligence scientist also meets them and a dangerous gang is after this scientist. On the way, these two children meet their mother, who when they meet again does not consider herself their mother. Its appearance has also changed. The two grown-up bear cubs are risking their lives to save the girl whom she is chasing after wearing the Kavach Kundal. With this many secrets are revealed. But ultimately their mother sacrifices her life to protect her child from the dangerous gang.


Technically, the film appears a little weak in the beginning, but its animations gradually make an impact and after some time the audience gets connected with the story. Anyway, children all over the world like animated films. The film has become good in making and technology. Some scenes have become quite exciting.

The film is a bit complicated at the story level. Instead of maintaining a uniform and straight pace, its script keeps oscillating back and forth in different periods. Due to these flashbacks, child viewers face some difficulty in understanding the story, this is the result of the weakness of the writer and director. We often see that in computer animation films, the director's main emphasis is on enhancing the atmosphere, whereas in the film 'Boonie Bear's Guardian Code', the director's entire attention is visible to its characters, this is pleasant. If the voices of popular Indian artists had been taken while doing Hindi dubbing in this story of Jungle, Zameen aur Jal, then this film would have easily attracted the audience. However, showing a character speaking Sindhi gives a pleasant feeling. Apart from this, this film has not been promoted properly yet.

Well, this film is an entertaining film for children and their parents.

-Shantiswarup Tripathi

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